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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Sahib says Roop you are seeing them beating me? Mahan says how dare you touch my sister. I raised her like a princess. He keeps beating Sahib. Gurwaksh and Mahan keep beating him. Roop says please let him go. Please forgive him brother. Sahib says I saw you and your brother. Yours and your brother’s worth is seen by the world. Mahan says you don’t deserve to live. He takes out his sword. Roop stands in front of him. She says please forgive him. Mahan hugs her. He says see the one you tortured saved your life otherwise I would have killed you today. Sahib says if you love her so much then let her stay in your house. The doors of my house are closed for her. Mahan says she won’t come to your house anyway. Sahib says lets go son. Ghulab goes with him. They leave.

Roop says please stop. Don’t do this. But they leave.Mahan says I will kill him. Raj says please calm down. Gurwaksh says she is right. Calm down please. Sada says this is all my mistake. I should have stayed silent like Raj did for so many days. Mahan is dazed. He says to Raj you knew? And you didn’t tell me? Sada says I think Raj did right by staying silent. Mahan says no she did wrong. You did wrong Raj. You were silent about my sister being in trouble all this time? Didn’t it hurt you? Raj says I wanted to tell you. but roop begged me not to tell you. Mahan says wow. She asked you and you didn’t tell me? You stayed silent. When I was getting married I had only one fear. Will the woman I marry consider my sister her as well? Today you proved my fear right. Raj says its not like that. You have hurt a brother and a husband. He is going inside.

Scene 2
Adameves breaks things in anger. He says I expected more from you Ghulam. You failed in the first task. You ruined my whole game. Ghulam says listen.. Autoeves says I should have thought. You are from the same land. Ghulam says for a big win we have to lose small things. I have learned a lot of things. Like what is their power? mahan’s first power is Gurwaksh. He stands in front of Mahan all the time.

Mahan is worried. Mahan says I couldn’t protect my sister. Gurwaksh says don’t blame yourself. I am your brother. Roop is my sister too and we two couldn’t protect her.
Ghulam says second strength is Mahan’s son Ranjit. Ghulam says that Ranjit can be a trouble for us. Autoeves says he is a child.
Ranjit says to Roop what happened with you was wrong. If he didn’t get punished you would have to tolerate this torture all your life. Dad did what any brother could. Roop says you are right but my fate can’t be any better no matter what. I have lost anyway. My house is ruined and I left my husband’s house. If I say no to my brother then I will lose him. I don’t know what to do.
Ranjit says this is your house as well. Roop says my husband’s house is mine. After marriage a husband is everything to a woman. Her identity is her husband. Ranjit says no. A woman is known with her deeds. She doesn’t have to sacrifice every time. She can live her life with respect. Roop says I am not that powerful. I want my husband and my son.

Ghulam says to if Mahan is today then Ranjit is tomorrow. Adaameves says what will we get out of all this? We will keep an eye on Ranjit. I have a plan for Mahan and Gurwaksh. Divide and Rule. There should be distance between Mahan and Gurwaksh.

Scene 3
Sahib’s doctor treats him. He says the bruises are deep. Whoever did this, did very cruelly. What was the reason? Sahib shoves him. He says I am in pain and you want to know the reason? Get lost from here.
Ghulab recalls everything. He says I want to ask something. Sahib says you will question me? He says why did you do this to my mother? Whatever she is, she is my mom. Why did you do this to my mom? And then you got beaten. Why didn’t you hit them back? Ranjit comes in.
Ghulab says you better came here. He says this is the right time to seek revenge. Mahan should know too. Ranjit says I didn’t come here on my dad’s behalf. I am here on Roop’s behalf. SAhib says what? Ranjit says what you did with her is wrong on every account. But I can’t see her sad. She is not well. She is hurt because she is away from her family. She wants to come back here.

Scene 3
Sahib comes to Mahan’s house.
Roop is running in the palace. She comes to Mahan. Mahan says don’t worry Roop. Sahib wants to say something. Sahib says Roop you are very lucky to be Mahan’s sister. He is an ideal brother and so is Gurwaksh. They better beat men. These were important for me. I wish I was lucky like roop to have brothers like you to show me the right way. Who could take me to the right path. I deserve these bruises. The roop who did everything i said. i should have made her the crown of my head. I am not even the dust of her feet.


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ranjit sees Mehtab in the jungle. He says I thought you would grow up with time. Lets go from here. This jungle is dangerous. There is someone there.

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