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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 21st March 2017 Written Episode Update


Sher E Punjab – Maharaja Ranjit Singh 21st March 2017 Written Episode Update and Maharaja Ranjit Singh 21st March 2017 watch online Episode HD on 

In todays Episode of Maharaja Ranjit Singh you will watch Suhani comes home with Krishna, Bhavna and Saiyyam. They get shocked seeing Yuvraaj marrying Baby. Stay tuned with us for more written Updates.

Scene 1
Sikh Veer Singh is presented in front of Peer Mohammad. His soldier says Sikh veer singh is the well known soldier of Sikhs. Peer Mohammad says he fought our soldiers and killed them. Why did you do that? Veer says because they attacked innocent people of Rasul Nagar. I tried saving them and killed your soldiers and I don’t regret doing that. Peer says if I kill you that would be a very easy punishment and escape for you. Peer laughs. Peer says I will decide what happens to you. And yes I can’t release you either. So I have a special plan for you. Peer’s son come. He kisses his forehead. Peer says meet him. He is the king to be. Gulham Mohammad. Gulham says I will tell how we can spread our rule in entire Hindustan. Peer says show him. Ghulam says lower your gaze I am the king to be. Veer doesn’t. He says I won’t. My gaze only lowers in front of God. Ghulam takes a snake from his pot. Peer says Veer you didn’t do right. Ghulam says this snake doesn’t have to bite. The snake spits in poison in Veer’s eyes and he screams. Peer says wow I am so proud of you. get ready Maha Singh. Your countdown has started.

Scene 2
sada Kaur sees a dream that she is all surrounded by corpses.
In temple Maha Sing comes and meets Guru ji. Maha says my feet are shivery so I wanted to come here. I wanted to learn something from here that can be my power for this battle. Guru ji says recall all the vows our Gurus took from us. Guru says our elders fought greatest battles. Show that peer Mohammad who we are. Our blessings are with you.

Sardar comes home and says peer Mohammad is stupid. We can’t fight his wife is Maha’s sister. She says don’t say that about my brother. He says I want to see fear for me in your eyes not you fighting for you brother. He throws her ring in fire. She says why did you do that. My brother gave me that. Sardar takes out the burning rings and says take it from me. He puts the burning ring in her palm and closes her fist. He says how did you like my gift? He laughs. Mahtab screams with pain.

Scene 3
All the soldiers pick their weapons. Gurwaksh says this battle is so important. It will be answer to all the enemies of Punjab. He says pray for everyone. His wife says how can I pray for so many people? I will only pray for you. I will pray for your dignity. Not for anyone else. He says don’t think negativly in prayer at least. He says I think clear.

Maha holds Sada’s hand. He says I don’t like leaving you like this. I know this isn’t fair but I can’t give up on my duties. She says you are doing this for all of us and I proud of you. This won’t make me weak. It will make me stronger. You lost your parents in such a young age and achieved all of this on your own. You can do anything. you are the protector of this state. He caresses her. Maha says I will give my last drop of blood fo my country. She says don’t worry. You son would be just like you. You will come back for her. She gives him his sword. He kisses her forehead and leaves.

Maha says to Lakhpatrain if I trust anyone after sun, its you. I am leaving this all on you. Lakhpatrain says don’t worry. You go and fight the battle. I will manage everything here.
Jai says to Gurwaksh you have to be Maha’s side at any cost. Gurwaksh says I wont. Jai says God will be with you two.
The army comes in ground. Maha’s army is on the otherside. Gurwaksh says first the rules are discussed. Peer says we are ready to destroy you. Would you want to compromise? Maha says not at all. We know how to protect our state. If my sword kills you then before dying recalls God. He might pardon. Peer says pardon for what? Maha says for killing every innocent soul. Peer says I am not weak to ask for pardon. Peer says I am a cyclon. Maha says dust comes back to ground anyone. Peer says see this gold coin it was yours but now mine. Similary I will take Gunjrawala from you. Maha says I will answer you with my sword.

Sher E Punjab – Maharaja Ranjit Singh 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :The battle starts. In the palace, Sada feels labor pain.Peer brings his canyon in the ground. Maha says I will face it. Gurwaksh says that suicide. Maha says either I will be martyr or winner.

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