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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Maharaja Ranjit 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Ghulab comes home. Sahib says you were with ranjit? he says no i was here. You asked me to stay here here is you letter. He says I never sent this letter. Sahib says recognize every soldier. Ghulab gets one arrested. He checks the rest/. A man comes and informs them that mahan is coming here.
Mahan is outside the palace. He says I found you. Enough of sins. We have to fight with you. sahib says where is your son? mahan says i am enough alone for you. You can’t use my sister this time. Sahib says we will see who wins with the sword. Ghulab says ranjit is not there? Where is he.
Ranjit asks his force to look in every room of the palace for Roop. They sneak everywhere to look for mahan.

Ranjit men lit powder everywhere in the palace. Roop is in the cave.
SAhib says to his men we have to kill Mahant today. He cant sustain our forces. Suddenly there is a blast in the palace. Everything blows up. Sahib says what is this. ALl of his weapons blast. Sahib says who did this. And where did mahan get this force from? Ranjit stands with Mahan.

Ranjit throws an arrow and the blast sparks more. Everyone apologize him one by one. He asks diwan to stand on one foot. Diwan stands. He is dis balancing. Mili says what punishment for your mom. Manjila says we should appreciate her. Shanaya says I feel so bad for alpesh. He is so upset/ Diwan falls. Kamiya falls on him. Chiragh says papa fell yay.

Scene 2
Vash is massaging Shanti’s feet. She massages too hard. Shanti says do you want to kill me? Her husband is leaving. Shanti says be careful there. He says vash go bring your bag. She brings her bag. Vash says I am leaving dadu. He hugs her. He says keep this locket with you always. They leave.

Vidya sees chiragh so happy with kamiya. she feels bad. He makes kamiya eat the pizza. Diwan is sitting there and smiling as well. She says I have to go. Chirgah says no please don’t go. Stay here. Vidya says let her go. She is getting late. Don’t be stubborn. Diwan says she will come again. Chiragh says please don’t go. Kamiya says okay I am not going anywhere. Chiragh says thank you you are so nice. Diwan says thanks for all you do.

Kamiya comes to vidya and says someetimes we have to unerstand what kids want. I stayed because chiragh asked me/. Before I came he wasn’t even listening but my plan worked. Sometimes mothers don’t understand that you need to a child with a childd. Vidya says you are tired please rest. If you need something let me know. Chiragh says to kamiya mam make me sleep with a story. She goes with him. Vidya comes to her room.
Kamiya is playing with chiragh. He says shanaya didn’t say sorry. She should apologize too. Kamiiya says its okay let it go. He sleeps. Kamyia leaves. Chiragh wakes up and sasy shanaya is bad and liar. i will give her tit for tat.

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