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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update and Maharaja Ranjit Singh 22nd March 2017 video watch online on HD on

Scene 1
Maharaja is in battle field. He says to his soldiers look at their horse and soldiers. We don’t have that much resources but we have what they lack. We have a mission. We have a reason. We have to give Hindustan a reason to unite today. We have to save our existence. Gurwaksh you have to lead them. All our men, should be in the battle field with strength.
Peer says we will send them to their God. The war starts. Both armies run towards each other. Gurwaksh and Maha lead the army. Peer says you will for messing up with us. The soldiers kill each other. Peer brings canyon that is killing sikh army in bulks. Almost everyone is dead.

The caretaker says to Sada all the soldiers are killed. Please leave the palace. SHe says I won’t. Lakhpatrain says I have to protect you. I promise maha. Sada says I promised him too that I will always stay here. He says then I will also stay here to protect.
Maha says I have to stop this canyon. Gurwaksh says thats not possible. Its a suicide. Maha says I have to face it to save my men. Either i will be martyred or winner. He rides towards canyon.

Sada feels labour pain. The woman says there are complications. Her life is in danger. Gurewaksh comes with Maha nand says I promised dad I will be with you no matter what. They both go towards canyon. Peer says they are coming towards their death.

Scene 2
A bird flies over the field and a cyclon of wind develops.
Sada screams with pain. Maha reaches near canyon and control it. He lits it towards Peer’s army.
SAda gives birth to a baby boy.
Peer and all of his men die. Maha picks up his coin. He says it was mine and always meant to be. They arrest the remaining soldiers which include Ghulam Peer Mohammad too. Maha says I don’t arrest kids. i give this boy one chance to live a good life. Gurwaksh says he will come back to fight. Maha says but its our time to show who we are. We can’t be like his father.

Maha’s sister gets the news of Maha’s son and winning the battle. Her husband cmes. He squeezes her burnt hand. He asks the servant to bring something its a plate with some jewelry. He says do you like them? Go and get ready. we have to go and congratulate your brother. She gets ready.

Maha and his men celebrate the win. Soldiers give Maha the flag. Maha says I will not mount it. Sukha Singh will. he lost all his people. He says its your triumph.
His man comes and tells him about the birth of his son. Guraksh hugs him.


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Maha says my son is the son of whole Hundustan. I won this battle his welcome. He will named Diljit Singh.

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