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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update , Written Update on

Scene 1
Ranjit brings the letter to Mahan. He reads, my dear Gurwaksh Singh I hope you are fine. If there is anything I can do please let me know. I just wanted to know your condition and decision. Can we come back to rasul nagar? Awaiting your response. Mahan smiles.
He says Ghulam is cooking stories. I know Gurwaksh won’t take any wrong decision. After reading this he laugh at Ghulam’s plans. Don’t worry. Raj comes and says Ranjit see what we brought? Ranjit says sweets. Thanks. She says sit here Ranjit sits and eats it. He says its very tasty.
Raj says may I ask something? What is your fav vegetable? He says any. She says best weather? He says spring. She says fav animal? He says my raftaar. Mahan whom do you like more? Mom or dad? He says both. Raj says who is equally important like mom dad? He says mom dad. Raj says we got it. Raj and Mahan laugh. Ranjit says what?

Scene 2
Roop says to Ghulab your aunt is coming here. To give good news. They are going to ask for Mehtab’s hand for Ranjit. Ghulab is dazed. He says what? I won’t let this happen. Roop says why are you so mad? He shoves her hand. He throws the food she brought. He says why does it make you happy? Roop says calm down. Sahib comes and says what is happening here?
Ghulab says you know Ranjit is going to marry Mehtab. My mom is very happy about it. Sahib says is that right? Roop says Ranjit and Ghulab are equal for me. I am very happy for Ranjit. Sahib says what about your son? Why didn’t you ask for Mehtab’s hand? He says you could do this first. Roop recalls him torturing her. She says you wanna know why I didn’t ask for her hand? Ghulab is like you. I don’t want Mehtab to suffer the torture I did. Gurwaksh and sada raised her as princess. I don’t want her to suffer. He is about to slap her. Roop says say whatever you want but don’t ever use your hand. He laughs and says are you scared? She says yes. I am scared of the wounds Mahan gave you. He left you last time but won’t do it this time. He slaps her and she falls down. Sahib beats her with a belt. He says go and show your brother. I will see what he can do. Raj comes in and says Sahib stop. She picks up Roop and hugs her. Roop says shame on you. Once I tried hiding your sin. Won’t do it this time. Lets go Roop we have to tell your brother this time. Come with me. She takes her out. Sahib’s men stop them. He says you came here with your will but will leave with mine. Raj is dazed.

Scene 2
The messenger comes to Ghulam and tells him that Ranjit took the letter from him. He said I will give it to Gurwaksh.
A man comes to Ranjit and says a woman is begging to meet you or mahan. The woman tells Ranjit that Sahib has kidnapped Roop and Raj. Ranjit says I can’t wait for dad to be back. I have to rush to save them.
Raj says a man who hurts woman can’t be a sikh. I feel pity for you. Ranjit arrives outside with his army. He says mother I am here.
Sahib’s man tells him. Raj says face a real sikh. My son is here. She says don’t worry Roop. Our Ranjit is here.
Ranjit comes in. Sahib says to speak here you need my permission. Ranjit says you don’t deserve any respect. Send my mom and my aunt with me. Or I will do anything. Sahib says you can take your mom but not Roop. I have right on her.
Ranjit says my aunt is not a thing that you can have a right on her. I will count till 10 send them both here. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4..

Mahan comes home. His men tell him what happened.
Ranjit counts.. 8.. 9.. Roop comes out. Sahib grasps her and puts knife on her neck. He says if your men come forward you will be responsible what happens with your aunt. He cuts her skin a little. he says this is my palace. Everything goes with my permission here.
Sahib says lets ask a third person where Roop will live. Gurwaksh will decide. Are you okay with that? Mahan comes in and says I accept. Gurwaksh will decide this. Sahib leaves roop.


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sahib reads the letter of Ghulam our enmies are one. Reach to old temple. Sahib goes there. Ghulam meets a person with mask. Ranjit follows him.

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