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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Mehtab comes and sees Gurwaksh’s stuff. She sees his sword. She touches it. Sada says don’t touch the blood. This is the last symbol of your dad. This blood should remind us who did this. Mahan did this. Ranjit is responsible for it. It will remind you who killed them. This is the same blood in your viens. Promise me that you will avenge the death of your daad. Promise me that you will never forgive them. Mehtab says I promise. I will avenege. I will never stop hating them.

Mahan and Ranjit are disucussing what to do next. Ranjit says we should wait. their weapons are gone.
Ghulab comes to roop. She says thank God you are fine. I was so worried for you. He releases her. Sahib says you can’t do that. Ghulab says I will. how can you do that to her.

Sahib says you have shaken hands with her? He hits ghulab with a cub. roop says please don’t hurt him. Sahib says you are a traitor. Ghulab says no I never was on ranjit’s side. Sahib says our weapons are destructed. Sahib ropes Ghulab. Roop says don’t do this. Sahib says he is a traitor. Roop says punish me not him. I will do what you ask me. He sends roop out with a box.

Scene 2
Mahan hugs roop.
Roop says Ghulab is detained by Sahib. He think Ghulab has shaken hands with ranjit. Please save my son. Mahan says don’t cry I wont’ let anything happen to him.
Sahib hugs Ghulab. He says I am sorry. I had to do this. This will keep Roop thinking that you are in trouble and she will send mahan here. See what I do now.
He leaves rats in Mahan’s army food. Roop says to to Mahan sahib wants you to go from here or he will kill Ghulab. Ranjit says nothing would happen to Ghulab. Mahan says he is my son. Nothing would happen to him. Ranjit sees a rat in the box. He goes out and sees rats in the food. He stops the army from eating. Mahan hugs roop and says don’t worry.
He runs to Mahan to stop him from eating. Mahan has already started eating. His throat conjucts. Ranjit comes and stops his hand. Mahan says what happened? Ranjit say there is something in the food. ALl the people in the army are throwing up and dying. Sahib says you thought only you can use rats? i can do that too. All the men are dying. Sahib laughs. Mahan says what is happening. Mahan throws up too. He falls down. Ranjit says dad.. He screams. Mahan faints.


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