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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Scene 1
Maha enters the village with the winning force. Sada says re you okay? He says of course you prayed for me. She gives him their son. He cries happily. Gruwaksh hugs him.The baby holds sword. Maha says he is the son of Punjab. His welcome made me win this battle. His name should sound and mean the same. he is Ranji Singh. Everyone celebrates.

Scene 2
After years, Punjab was suffering the epidemic disease of chicken pox.

Sada says good evening to Jai. He says where is my heart’s piece? Maha says yes where is my son? Dijlit is in kitchen seeing people cooking for the langar. The lady cook says please sir what are you doing here? RAnjit comes and meets Jai and Maha. He says there is a question. All the people like cooks and villagers work for langar. So they put in more efforts than us. Maha says this food is because they are. If they don’t cook them how will people eat? We don’t count the service we do for humanity. We do it with our hearts.

Maha’s man comes and says there is a bad news. Maha says what happened? He says Nawab Bhaag Singh’s men are under disease of chicken pox. They hardly have doctors. This is an epidemice disease. Maha says he is not alone. we are with him and we will provide him help. He says contact all the soldiers. We need to help our brothers. Ranjit says I am ready too. Maha kisses his forehead.

Gurwakh tells his wife that he will have to go with Maha to help the people fight the disease. She says you do anything that maha says and he gets the credit. Gurwaksh leaves. she says I have to do something.
Her daughter says see I drew this for Ranjit. She gets angry and says your father is fooled by maha and you by his son. She takes her near. She says what are you doing ma. She says shut and do as I say. She lays daughter in bed.
Sada is giving Ranjit shower. She sees his back. There are scars on it. She says how did you get these bruises? Why didn’t you tell me? He says you cry. Sada says show me. Tell me what happened. He says Bhago needed fruits. She was hungry. She is an old woman. I plucked her fruits. So got these bruises. I told myself I can bear these pain for her.

Gurwaksh comes and says what happened? His wife says she has fever. Her body is burning. What if the same disease is in our house as well? He says no no. I won’t let anything happen to my daughter. He says i wont’ leave Mehtab. I will inform Maha that I can’t go.

Ranjit says asks Sada what is this disease? She says its an epidemic disease. There is no med for it. He says can it happen to anyone? Me too? Sada hugs him and says don’t say that.

Precap-Sada is looking for Ranjit. Maha is looking for him too. He is serving the people with the epidemic diseases.

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