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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update, Written Update of Maharaja Ranjit Singh 23rd May 2017 on

Scene 1
Sahib says decide Gurwaksh. Does a husband have complete right on his wife or not? Gurwaksh says no. Woman is a human herself. You forgot the day we taught you to respect women. He says no I remember that day. I think you forgot the day when I suggested your name for the united army. You are the leader of this army because of me not Mahan. Before taking a decision know who is your real friend. Gurwaksh says you are right. Gurwaksh says but what made you think that I will let my sister live with an animal like you? She needs freedom from your cruelty. Roop will live with her brother Mahan from today. Go. Roop stands up and goes towards Mahan.. Sahib stops her and takes out his sword. Mahan stands up. Sahib says if Roop doesn’t go back home with me then I will attack your house.

I will have a battle with you. Battles don’t have any space. I will kill everyone in your state. Lahore state will help me too. And you know how much arms we have. I will ruin your state. Sada says in heart this is a golden chance for me. Mahan caresses roop’s face. He says you can never change. You want a battle right? I will give you that. Sada says stop. I have to stop you because you have challenged Kaniya state with Mahan as well. Sahib says I am not scared of anyone. Mahan says I won’t pardon you this time. Your only destiney would be death. They both come forward for fight. Roop holds swords of them both. She says please no.. Her hands bleed. Mahan says roop what did you do. Roop says please don’t do all this. She cries.

This is all happening because of me. Because of me a battle is about to kick off. Please forgive me. Mahan says no. don’t say that. She says I wanna go with my husband. Everyone is dazed. Mahana says what are you saying. Roop says but I have a condition. We will live in separate rooms. Sahib says nothing is left Mahan. He drags Roop. Mahan says a brother only bows his neck on his sister’s decision. Gurwaksh says if something happens to roop I will tears your heart apart. Ranjit says a mother gives birth to a child. You are lucky you have a mom like roop. You have a chance to take care of your mom. Don’t waste it. This is my request as well as warning. Roop says to Mahan. I am sorry. Won’t you look at me? Mahan says what should I look at? I only see your wounds. I see your wet eyes. Go before I become weak. Please. She leaves. Mahan is in tears.

Ranjit says to Roop your house is big. So big that there can be a village settled in it. So you can keep one person there right? Can I come with you? You used to make me sweets in childhood. Let me serve you now. Please don’t say no. I am like a son to you. She nods.

Roop is sitting in doli. Raj hugs her. Roop says I am sorry because of me you had all that trouble. This is all my fault. Because of me all this happen. Raj says stop tolerating all this torture. It hurts us to see you giving up like this. A woman is not week. if she can tolerate. She can fight too. Roop says thank you for always encouraging me. I am very happy about Ranjit and Mehtab’s marriage. Please proceed it. They are made for each other. Raj smiles.
Ranjit comes on his raftaar and follows her. Raj leaves.

Scene 2
Gurwaksh says we should be satisfied because Ranjit is with Roop. Sada says he is right. Ranjit will take care of her. Mahan says thank you for always standing up for roop. Sada says roop is my sister too. You are all family to me.
Roop comes back home. She recalls what Ghulab said. He said I should marry Mehtab not that ranjit. She recalls all the torture sahib did on her. She is crying and sobbing. Ranjit comes and hugs her. He says I am here with you. Don’t worry. Your son ranjit is with you. Come with me. He takes her to room. Ranjit gives her water. Sahib and Ghulab come.
Sahib says her husband and son are alive to take care of her. We don’t need you.


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : At night, sahib is going somewhere. Someone called him somewhere. The person’s face is hidden. sahib says who are you? Show me your face. The person takes of the mask. Ranjit follows him. He falls suddenly and sahib sees ranjit.

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