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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Ranjit comes to his granny. She gives him parsad. She says I plucked fruits for an old woman. But everyone’s lecture stopped because of that. Did I do right or wrong? She says you did right. She reads him religious books. He says I promise I will always help humanity.
Ghulahb comes in and says are you ready Ranjit? Ranji says I go fight him. She laughs.

Mahan’s men tell him about measles going out of control. He says please help us. Mahan’s brother in law says what about the time when we had no food? No one helped us. Mahan says we can’t talk about what happened in the past and help our brothers regardless.
Another sardar says we think about our people first before others. Their state never helped us why should we? Mahan says this is the time we help Bhaag singh and his state and promote a message of unity.

Scene 2
Ranjit and Ghulab singh are in ground. Ghulab says you have to shoot that water melon with the arrow. Ranjit says I am ready. A kid says Ghulab has practiced all day. You can’t win Ranjit. Ranjit says let the game begin. They both fire an arrow. Both of them hit the water melon.

Mahan meets his vaids and says you have to fine a treatment for this disease. Mahan says to a doctor you brought your son here? He is also affected by the disease. The man says he said leave it upto God. Mahan says to the child who are you? He says Aziz. Mahan says I have a son of your age. Would you play with him? He says yes.
Ranjit says it was so easy. Ghulab says this time we have arrow while running. They both run and fire the arrow. Ranjit’s arrow hits it. All the kids appreciate him. Ghulab says how did you do this? He says I was doing my complete focus.

A woman comes crying and says help me please. My whole village is dying with this disease. The woman has measles herself. Its the same old woman Ranjit gave fruits to.
Ranjit runs towards her. Raj Kaur stops him. He says I know her. Raj Kaur says but she has measles. Mahan orders Lakhpatrain to get her treated quickly.
The woman falls down and dies. Rabnjit starts crying. Mahan says to Lakhpatrain I feel like I have lost. She came here for help and died. Lakhpatrain says we have to be calm and not blame ourselves. Mahan says it is my responsibility to save my people. I failed.
A vaid(doctor) comes and says I have found a treatment for this disease. We need to find some herbs. Mahan orders his men to get things ready for him. Ranjit overhears and goes towards the people. HE says in heart I will serve my people.

More and more people are dying. Doctors start treating people with the special made mask.
Mahan is not well. Doctors check him and say that he is fine. He gives Mahan some meds. Raj sits with him. She says what happened? He says I feel so helpless. I dont’ know what to do. Raj says you are trying and helping them out. We all have hope and we will find a way out.
Ranjit comes among ill people. A man says what are you doing here? He says I am here to help my people. He says but I am such a small man. RAnjit says no one is small. He treats them with leaves.

Mahan says hakim ji found another solution but the people are dying way too fast. I don’t know what to do. I am just helplessly seeing them all dying and suffering. Raj says everything will be fine. Ranjit is in ill people.

Precap-Mahan’s men tell him Ranjit is nowhere. Ranjit comes home. He faints. When he opens his eyes he says I can’t see.

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