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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update , Written Update of Maharaja Ranjit Singh 24th May 2017 on

Scene 1
Ranjit says I can’t go anywhere. A rider comes outside sahib’s palace and leaves a letter. Sahib recalls everything. He says Gurwaksh you are so mean. He throws glass in anger. Sahib opens the letter and reads. “Our enemies are one. If your hopes are still high then reach the old cave. you won’t get another chance. He sneaks out”.

Sahib sits on his horse and leaves. Ranjit sees him leaving and follows him. Sahib comes to the cathedral and says I am here come in front. A person comes with face hidden. The person takes out swords. Sahib does sword fight with him. Sahib says take your mask off. The person takes mask off. Sahib says you.. Ranjit says who is that person? Suddenly ranjit falls from top. He faints. Sahib and the person see him.

Scene 2
Ranjit wakes up in bed. He is in house. He is dazed. He says how did I come here? What happened last night was a dream? No it was a reality. Roop comes and says here is your favorite breakfast. Ranjti says but how I came here? Roop says are you joking? Go get ready.
Ranjit washes his face. He says I have to find out who that person was.

Sahib says when snake and scorpion shake hand nothing can stop destruction. Ranjit comes and says who was that person who came to meet you at the cathedral? Sahib laughs and says you better stop using your brain. Whatever I do I do is bravely. Ranjit says this won’t change the truth. We both know what happened last night. There is someone that you are hiding. Ranjit says in heart I will find out truth.
Sahib says I and my partner.. You can never understand our game.

Mehtab comes to raj’s house. Raj says mehtab for whom are you eyes looking for isn’t here. Mehtab says no no. I am not looking for ranjit.
Sada says mehtab is so grown up now. I am always worried for her. Raj says why worried? Sada says we are so lucky that we have good husbands. But not everyone has same luck. Look at Roop. I want a husband for Mehtab who really loves her. Raj says I understand. Don’t worry. Mehtab will get a very good husband. We are also thinking about ranjit’s wedding. Sada says yes you should. He will be a good husband to whoever he marry.
Mehtab comes to Ranjit’s room. She looks at his medals.
Sada says the day Ranjit got that medal Mehtab was so happy like she won it.
Raj says why shouldn’t we name this relationship? Sada says Mehtab where are you? Lets go we are getting late. Sada says we should go now. Mehtab lets go. We have to invite more states too. We will talk later. Raj says sure. They leave.
Sada says in heart you have no idea whats next.

Ranjit comes to roop. Roop says come sit. Roop says eat your favorite sweets. I used to make you and ghulab eat this in childhood. Ghulab then why you forgot your son today? Ranjit says its not like that brother. She was giving me first so I can taste and tell you if it is good for you or not. Come sit with me. We should never say no to eating with our mother’s hand. Ghulab sits. Roop makes them both eat.

Raj is preparing for sweets and everything. Mahan says what is all this preparation for? She says this is shagun. He says shagun? Raj says you forgot? We talked that day. About Ranjit and Mehtab. I was thinking today is Lohri. Its a good chance to talk about it. Mahan says it sure is. Raj says its almost done. I talked to sada today. She thinks Ranjit is a good boy. We like Mehtab too. I think she wants it too. Mahan says thats a very happy thing. Raj says lets make it official. I brought all these gifts for Mehtab.


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mahan and Raj come to Gurwaksh’s house for Lohri. Raj says to Sada don’t you want this friendship to turn into a relationship? Sada says look at your ranjit and then look at my Mehtab. He doesn’t even have an eye. Raj is dazed.

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