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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Roop comes back to house and coughs. She can’t breathe. Sahib says your brother made you eat and ate himself? He laughs and says the rats did their work. She vomits blood.
Raj is worried at home. A woman comes to her and tells her that mahan is not well. Its all because of the poisoned food. He won’t leave the battle.

Ranjit comes to Mahana and says we have distributed meds in all the soldiers. He gives him water. Mahan says don’t worry about me. Worry about my people. you have to take care of those people. Stand up and lead them. They need you. We can’t give up. This is for Gurwasksh. We owe him. Ranjit says I promise you i will fight.

Roop is crying. She says why you made me medium of this sin. sahib laughs. He says I have medicine for your trouble though. He extends it. This won’t help your brother though. He has to bear pain and die.

Sada comes to jai and says don’t worry. This happens in the battle. We have tolerated this all as well. Maybe this time Mahan.. Jai says enough. They went to avenge Gurwaksh’s death. they are fighting for us. They are real sikhs and I have faith in them. Mehtab comes and says ranjit? You still trust him? A real sikh keeps him promise. Ranjit doesn’t do that. Don’t expect from him. He is a coward.
Ranjit comes to the camps and gives meds to his people. Ranjit says we have to ffight. We can’t give up. We are not here to get the palace. not for wealth either. We are here for humanity. This was to shake our strenght. We can’t fall because we are real sikhs. We should fight back. They all chant with him.

Scene 3
Sahib says by now Mahan would have fallen too. his commander says but Mahan is wise and he has Ranjit too. Sahib says i have asked Karam Singh and he will be here with his army.
At night, sahib sees army coming there. Sahib sauys they were all sick how are they coming to fight? How did this happen.
Ranjit’s man tells him we have done what you said. Rnajit says don’t stay at one place. Ranjit says when he sees so many lanterns sahib will be fooled that our army is not less.
Mahan says to ranjit I am proud of you.
Sahib asks nidhan to go out and keep and eye on mahan. He says I am sure he is doing this to save his life.
Ranjit says to mahan don’t worry I won’t let you down. Mahan says I have neverr left a battle in middle. Ranjit says I am here to complete it. you should go home. I won’t show you my face until we are successful. You need to go home. Please. His man comes and says out of 8000 we have only 2000 people left. Ranjit says but I think we have 10000. because they have a vision? The number of army is what you show to your enemy. Mahan wishes ranjit best of luck. Mahan says I am proud of you. He leaves.


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Jai says Ranjit is fighting with a small number of army. An arrow hits Mahan and he falls down.

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