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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Ranjit says I am proud of you all. I will lead you from front and have the first attack on my chest. The soldiers are ready.
Ranjit’s man tells him that more army is coming to help them. Ranjit decides where will they come from.
Mahan is on his way. Nidhan and his people stop him. Mahan says let us go this is not battle field. Why do you wanna die? nidhan says lets see. Mahan comes down and says okay come. They fight starts. All of nidhan’s men die. An arrow hits mahan. He falls down.

Ranjit plans how to distract the coming army and invite them to join hands. Ranjit says if we force them to shake hands with us we will be stronger than SAhib. nidhan comes to mahan and says Sardar Maham, the hope of punjab is dying. Mahan stands up and stabs him. Nidhan dies. Mahan falls down as well. He hears Gurwaksh’s voice. Gurwaksh says its me. your brother. Come here. I never left you alone. Stand up. Gurwaksh extends him hand. Mahan holds it, they both sit on horse.

The coming army has rocks pouring on them. Ranjit is doing that from top of the cliff. Their way is blocked. Ranjit throws arrows on them. Ranjit says how can we serve you. He says we will get out of here and kill you.
Ghulab says an army is comingl. They look downstairs an army is coming.

Scene 2
Mahan is taken home. Vaidh ji checks him. he says if we take out the arrow he might die. Raj starts crying. Mahan says don’t cry. My son is there to bring the good news. I will die after that only. Raj is sobbing. Mahan closes his eyes.


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mehtab is crying. Sada says what happened? She tells him that Mahan was attacked and he can’t be okay. Ghulab says to roop we have detained ranjit. He will die from our hands now.