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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Maharaja Ranjit Singh 27th March 2017 video watch online HD on

Scene 1
Everyone is looking for Ranjit. Raj comes to Mai wajero and asks her if she has seen Ranjit. Mai says no. Raj says he was really worried about the patients of measles. Raj says she had been asking me so many questions about it. Mai says I taught him that serving people gives you return. What if he has gone to treat them?
Ranjit is in the camp. He is putting meds on the patients. Mahan’s men come there and look for Ranjit. He is in camp so they couldn’t see her.
The men come back to Mahan and tell him that Ranjit is nowhere. Mahan says where can he go? Lakpatrain says don’t worry we will find him. Mahan says I can’t understand where has he gone. Ranjit comes in and says dad.. Mahan says ranjit.. He runs towards him. The hakim says please stop.

He looks at Ranjit and is worried. Raj recalls him asking about measles. Hakim checks him and tells Mahan he has measles. raj starts crying and sobbing. Mahan is worried too. Doctors check and treat Ranjit. mahan asks how is he? Hakim says I did everything possible. I hope the results are good too.

Lakpatrain says some 500 people came from the other cities and they need our help. Mahan says oh Go please help me. Raj says to him you should go. Your people need you. Mahan says but Ranjit. Raj says you are gaurdian of all those kids not just ranjit. You should go. He says I am so blessed to have a woman like you. He hugs her and leaves.
Hakim tells Raj that all the germs are spread in his body. He is only five. He can’t seem to fight it, Mai goes inside. She picks Ranjit and comes out. Mai takes her in temple. She says I taught Ranjit to beg in front of God only. Please come on earth and heal him. I told him to help people so he went to help the patients. If something happens to him people will stop believing in serving the humanity. Please save him. Everyone is praying for him.
Ranjit moves. Mai calls hakim. Hakim says his measles are gone. Raj says ranjit.. Ranjit says why can’t I see anything. Everyone is dazed. Hakim says his eyes have gone weak don’t worry. He asks ranjit to open one eye. He says can you see now. He can see from one eye and not from the other.
Raj starts crying. Ranjit says why are you crying? Raj says no I am not. Raj says will my second eye be okay? Mahan says yes of course. He says I am hungry. Mahan’s sister says tell me what you wanna eat? He says yes kheer. She says I will bring you. Ranjit says till then I will go to temple. Mahan picks him and takes him to temple.

Scene 2
Guru says to MAi vejero his feet are in great direction. She says but he will face a lot of troubles. He says Gold has to go through things to become something beautiful. You have to make him great man.
Mahan’s sister bring Ranjit kheer. He runs towards her and says I will make you eat. He says no I should eat myself. The spoon slips from his hand. Raj asys is it? Ranjit says no. I dont’ know how it fell from my hand. Raj says its okay.

SAda Kaur comes in and asks how are you? She stays away from Ranjit. Ranjut says where is mehtab? Sada says she is not well. Gurwaksh says but how could she stop? She is here. He comes in with Mehtab. Sada stops Mehtab on door. Raj says he doesn’t have measles anymore. Sada says I stopped her so Ranjut doesn’t get her fever. Gurwaksh says don’t do this. Let them meet. Mehtab says I made something for you. She has made a drawing for him. Ranjit cant read it. She says I wrote king of king ranjit. He says this is so good. She gives him highfive but his hand misses it. Ranjut says what is happening with me. He falls down.


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:Ranjit says how will I become sardar? I can’t read. I can’t do anything. Mai says this is a blessing in disguise. This one eye will make you see people with equality.

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