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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Sahib says to roop eat something, you need energy to bear the shocks. Today I will kill your brother and his son. He leaves.
Sahib comes out of his palace. He comes towards the camps of ranjit. He says such less soldiers. He sees Ranjit sitting. He says your soldiers ran away? And you are here as well? You made a mistake. you are stuck. I will kill you today.

Mehtab comes to sada and says people pay for what they did. Someone came to dada ji and told him.. Sada runs to Jai. Jai says Mahan is badly injured. There are least chances of him being saved. Don’t know what else will I face. Ranjit is fighting there with few soldiers. His age is not much. Sada says sukarchakiya’s end is near.

Scene 2
Sahib comes towards palace with ranjit. Ghulab says to roop see mom dad has detained Ranjit. We have defeated Sukarchakiya. Today he will die. Roop slaps him. She says I am ashamed to call you my son. You have blood of your father. Ghulab says soldiers we have won today. Open the gates.
Sahib recalls Ranjit said kneel down sahib otherwise its gonna hurt you. Sahib laughed. He said you will be hurt not me. Your death will set an example. He attacked Ranjit. Ranjit fought back. He ordered his soldiers to detain Ranjit Sahib said what will you do now? Ranjit says sometimes stepping back makes you see things clearly. He steps back and realizes that the soldiers have sword on SAhib not ranjit. Sahib says how is this possible. They are karam singh’s army they follow my order. Ranjit says soldiers take his sword. They took his sword. Sahib said how did this happen? Ranjit said I stopped Karam and his army on the way. His army became mine. I knew your mind. You came with my army to detain me. I told you kneel down or its gonna hurt.

Soldier says to Sahib if you open your mouth I will kill you. They enter the palace. Ghulab says they are coming. He is excited. Suddenly ranjti pulls him from horse. Ghulab is dazed. Sahib says Karam you betrayed me, Ranjit says he is wise. Ranjit says listen i give chance only once. He says to Sahib’s army put your weapons down or we will kill your army. Ranjit asks all his soldiers to leave the palace. Ghulab says no. They all run out. Karam says Ranjit I gave you support I want to leave with my army now. Ranjit says your army is waiting in the camps. You can leave with them.

Ranjit says if my dad was here what would he do. He says roop aunt come down. She comes down. Ranjit says you know all his sins. Now you decide should he be killed or not? Roop looks at sahib. She recalls all his brutality on her. Roop says no don’t give him death sentence. Not just death. Give him a painful death that every sinner like him remembers. Chop him into pieces and put them in Mahan’s feet. He doesn’t deserve less than that. He is not alone though. I am part of all his sins as well. Because I am his wife and another partner of his sins is Ghulab. Because he is his son. But don’t step back before beheading him. But kill me and Ghulab with him as well. You know why because when someone leaves he doesn’t get punished. The people are left behind are punished. Ranjit says what are you saying. Roop says gurwaksh left but sada and mehtab are being punished. Mahan is punished who lost his friend. She stands in front of him and says either leave him or kill ghulab and me with him as well.


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Raj says Vaidh ji said we can’t take out this arrow. Mahan says if it stays it will hurt my son. He pulls out the arrow. Ranjit enters the house.

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