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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Maharaja Ranjit Singh 28th March 2017 video watch online HD on

Scene 1
Mahan comes to terrace. Gurwaksh says you have be strong for Ranjit and Raj Mahan says my son’s life is safe and on the other hand he lost vision of one eye. Guwaksh says everything will be okay. Mahan says hakim said Ranjut will never be able to see from on eye. He can’t study or play. This will break his heart. I feel so helpless. Ranjit is the future of this country. Gurwaksh hugs him.

Ghulab singh is climbing a wall. His father says keep moving forward. He says I am tired. His father says you have to think about winning only. His father says don’t come to me after losing from Ranjit. He moves up. He says Ranjit will never be able to compete with you. His wife comes and says can you take me to temple? I want to pray for ranjit. He says ranjit has lost an eye. He will never be able to rule. He can’t even play with kids. You should name him ran har. He laughs.

Scene 2
Ghulab says today we will play a new game. He introduce a game like cricket. He says to Ranjit you will bat first and I will ball. Mehtab says but you always take first turn. Ghulab says he is my brother. Ranjit says see I told you he is not bad. Ranjit bats and misses all the ball. Ghulab is bowling in his left eye’s direction. mehtab says focus ranjit. The ball hits Ranjut’s head. He falls down. Ghulab say you are weak that is why maybe. You ball and I will bat. Ranjit can’t catch the balls. Ghulab and his kids laugh at Ranjut. Rajit balls but he can’t. Mehtab says lets go home. Ghulab says no there is another game.
He brings horse. Ranjit slips from it. Ranjit says I will get up myself. He falls again. All the kids laugh. Ranjit goes back to house.

A kid comes to Ranjit and says you didn’t recognize me. I am Aziz. Ranjit says you are hakim’s son? He says yes. Aziz says please drink this med. My dad sent it for you. You are so good at darts and every game. Ranjut says but I couldn’t win today. Aziz says we shouldn’t give up. Ranjit says when my eye is well I will win again. Aziz says but my dad said you would never see from your left eye. There is no treatment for it. Tanjit is shocked. The meds fall from his hand. Aziz says in heart I think I have made a mistake. Ranjit was crying.

Mehtab says to Sada I want to play with Ranjit. SAda says I will hit you. Gurwaksh stops her hand and says you don’t hit your child. Sada says give these lectures to that ranjit. He was so rudly talking to mehtab. Mehtab says he was not well. Sada syas don’t take his side. Gurwaksh says what is your problem? She says I don’t want mehtab to serve him like you serve Mahan in name of friendship. She is my child. I will stop her.

Ranjit is playing arrows. He can’t focus. He comes in anger to MAi and says I went to help people then why did God do this to me? What was my mistake. She says God didn’t do anything wrong. Ranjit says I can’t study, I can’t play. How will I become sardar? People will make fun of me and I won’t be able to do anything. He sits down crying. He says why did God do this? She says you are my lion. You know why God did this. When you want to focus you close one eye because one eye alone focus better. This waakness is a power. You can see people with one eye. You won’t give up and you will keep winning. People will bring you down but this weakness if your strength.

Ranjit practices dart, arrows, horse riding and everything with one.
Ranjit grows up. He rides his horse on the cliffs.


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ranjit comes to temple. Ghulam Mohammad has grown up too. He says I will destroy Punjab. No one can stop me. Ranjit jumps from his horse.

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