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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Gurwaksh says thank you for clearing what is your mine and what is yours. Thank you showing that we are two separate states that can never be one. Thank you for showing that we are not brothers. mahan says please listen. gurwaksh says let me speak. Now i will speak and you will listen. Your sister in law said that Mahan loves you enough that he will give ghulam permission. But she was wrong. Sada you were wrong about him. Mahan loves land more than his friend. Raj says such hospitile you guys are. You are insulting mahana and sada insulted me and child. She told me my ranjit has one eye and he is not capable of anything. Sada says now you will accuse us. Raj slapped me on my face. She starts crying. Sada says now say that I am lying. You don’t have anything to say. You slapped me I tolerated because I considered you sister. But what did I get in return? Slap? Raj says what else could I do? I couldn’t tolerate my son’s insult. I asked for mehtab’s hand and you said all that about my son. SAda says you are lying.
Gurwaksh says today all the limits have been crossed. Have you forgotten all our favors? You forgot that because of my father you are sardar of Gurwaksh. Jai says enough. Gurwaksh says let me speak. What did I say wrong? You gave Mahan love of a father. You trusted him more than your own son.
He has his power because of us. Mahan says you are right. Today I all the limits have been crossed. You have counted all the favors. Gurwaksh says see dad. Won’t you ask him to stay quite now?

What should we ask for in return of our favors? If Kanaiya’s didn’t gave you support you would have been dead somewhere. if you and your son become our servants for life you wont’ be able to repay for our favors. That is not your worth. Mahan says you are right. Today I dont’ have worth to face you. I Mahan Singh promise this today that after this day I won’t enter Kanaiya palace ever again. Everyone is dazed. Mahan says I am closing this door of relationships forever. Mehtab is in tears.
Jai says don’t say this Mahan. What will I say to your father? My head will be down. Mahan says no dont’ say that. I will cut my head before your head is ever down. Please forgive me. The way a shot arrow can’t be taken back, words can’t either. Mahan takes Raj and Ranjit and leave.

Mehtab says please stop them dad. He says let them go. Today, this relationship has broken. No one will talk about Mahan and his family in this house. You won’t even think about Ranjit. They are all dead for us. He leaves. Mehtab is in tears.
Mahan walks out with his family in tears.

Scene 2
Ghulam comes to adam. He says look at these carbs. Now sardars on punjab will fight like them to beat each other. No matter what ranjit does they can’t unite punjab. This won’t happen now. like this they will cut and eat each other.

Jai comes to Mahan and says forget what happened. Please. Mahan says how can I? My own brother had so much bitterness in his heart for me. Jai says there is no bitterness in his heart. ranjit says he is right. It had been filled in his heart. This wall had been built between you two. Someone is planning all this. Someone who knows how to divide and rule us.
Someone who hates your friendship with Gurwaksh.

Sahib meets that person and says finally we built this wall between mahan and gurwaksh. Its sada. She says not us, I.
Ranjit says I will expose whoever is behind this. Mahan says if a third person can break our relationship than this is our fault and weakness. our friendship was this weak? Ranjti says don’t give up. If we try we can fix everything.
Mahan says see this broken glass. Can anyway it can be like before? Its about respect and dignity now. i can’t bow down anynmore. Ranjit says don’t say this. Mahan says how can I forget how he insulted me and family in front of everyone.
Raj comes and says we all know how you built this state on your own. You made it one of the most powerful in Punjab. Mahan says that is not what gurwaksh thinks of me. Whatever Gurwaksh said has hit my heart.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mehtab says to Gurwaksh it was your mistake as well. You love him then why you said all this? Jai says Mahan please fix this. Sada says to Sahib I want to get my Mehtba married to your son Ghulab.

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