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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Mahan pulls the arrow. Raj holds him. He can’t breathe. He says don’t cry. Smile for us. A man tells ranjit some men attacked Mahan and he is injured. Mahan says not enough injured to not celebrate my son’s victory. He says you have made us proud. you have doubled our respect. Well done. You proved that you are the future, you are the present. You proved your wisdom. Where is sahib’s head? Ranjit is silent. Ranjit says Roop left me with two options one to kill roop and ghulab with sahib. Second they leave the palace. Mahan’s chest bleeds. He says you did what was right. You won the war with mind and hearts by heart. He hides his blood. Ranjit hugs him. Ranjit goes to his room.
Mahan falls down. Raj holds him.

Jai comes to meet Mahan. He says how are you son? He says I am fine. Mahan says you should have asked me to come. Jai says you are not well. Ranjit comes. Jai hugs him and says I am proud of you.
Raji says to jai have you asked saada’s stance on this? He says entire Punjab is proud of you. Jai says we can turn this moment in more happiness. <Mahan says how? jai says get mehtab and ranjit married. Everyone is dazed. Jai says I propose mehtab’s hand for ranjit.
Mehtab breaks something and says I don’t accept this proposal. I will kill myself but won’t marry ranjit. I hate him. You want me to marry him. Sada says you know that your dad’s weakness was emotions. Don’t do this. Be wise. We can only be successful if we shake our hands with ranjit. Ranjit will be bound too. Mehtba says you can’t ruin my life for these politicss. Sada says you will sustain if this states. Mehtba says I don’t want anything but I can’t live with ranjit. I hate ranjit.

Raj says we should only move forward with this relationship if sada agrees with it. Jai says you are right. But sada herself asked me to propose ranjit’s hand. Raj says then why didn’t she come? jai says she is embarrassed. she regrets saying no. Raj says but.. Mahan asks her to be silent. He says it was a bad time and it is gone now. Today is a good day. We will start the good times from today.
Mehtab says good time will never come. I can’t live with ranjit. You better kill me right now. Sada says kill me. This is our problem and we have to do this. Mehtab says I can’t lose. I will always stand up for myself. I woon’t let this hatred die. I want to avenge ranjit. You asked me to hate him. Now I do. Sada says yes I did. And I still do. you have tp take revenge but there are different ways to do it. You dont have to shed blood. Sometimes you have to stay silent to take revenge. The attack from closer distance goes to heart. Kill him while being close to him. Take revenge from him all your life.

Mahan says ranjit what is your decision ranjit? He says i agree with elders. Please ask mehtab once. Jai says Methab has said already. Mahan says okay then this is done. Mahan hugs ranjit and says congratulations. Remember for you mehtab’s happiness should be more than your always. This is my last wish. Ranjit says last wish? What are you saying. Mahan says I mean this is my last wish for today. Raj lets go we have to do a lot of things.
Ranjit says to jai don’t get me wrong but I want to know if mehtab is happy. Jai says some relationships are made on responsibility.

Scene 3
Mehtav comes to the hall. She recalls Gurwaksh’s death. Ranjit comes to the hall as well. mehtab recalls her promise that she will always hate ranjit.


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