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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Ranjit meets Mehtab. They are both preparing for the langar. Mehtab says what happened ranjit. Ranjut says we have to unite our families. Mehtab says dad doesn’t even want to hear his name. Ranjit says same about my dad. Mehtab says what should we do then? My mom went to yours and.. Ranjit says I know. Misunderstandings are spread everywhere. He tells her the plan.
Mahan is in house. Ranjit looks at him and says I have convince him. Ranjit feeds the birds with Mahan. Mahan tells him how to feed them. Mahan says they recognize the hand. Mahan says I know you are doing all this to make me feel better. Ranjit says you always feed them right? Mahan says yes. Always. Ranjit says then how can you forget about making people eat in langar?

Mehtab says to Gurwaksh you serve the langar every time. Gurwaksh says but..
Ranjit says we should always serve the humanity. Mehtavb says we are going tomorrow then. Sada says yes you are going. Gurwaksh agress and so does mahan.

Scene 2
The langar starts Mahan serves everyone. Ranjit says I will go and meet my friend. Mehtab is with gurwaksh. She says I am going to meet my friend. Mahan and Gurwaksh do not see each other. they are about to collide.
Mahan and ranjit are looking at them from distance. Mehtab says this is a great trick. I hope it works out.
Gurwaksh is looking for mehtab. Mahan looks for ranjit. They don’t see each other still. Mahan sees a tree and recalls he planted it there with gurwaksh. He recalls all the old times.

Gurwaksh and mahan come in front of each other. Gurwaksh says if I knew mehtab was planning this I won’t have come here. Mahan says its all about time. Can you see what I can? they recalls old times. THey recall their childhood. Mahan touches the tree and says it is witness of our friendship. gurwaksh says then why didn’t you show me trust. You called me brother. Then why couldn’t you say no to one little thing. Mahan says it was not little thing. You wanted to bring an enemy in. Gurwaksh says he saved my life. Mahan says you trust him not me. gurwaksh says you said equally. Mahan says so did you. You could have listened to me once. Gurwaksh says I always listen you never do.
Mahan says I did what was right for this land. Gurwaksh says only you know what is right and wrong? I see things clearly. You were jealous of my success. Mahan says don’t forget I was ready to give my life for you. Gurwaksh says you never did anything for me. I always did. Mahan says if that is so then lets end this friendship. say that after today its all over. you can’t say that right? Gurwaksh breaks the tree. EVeryone is dazed. GUrweaksh says from this very moment this friendship has ended. Ranjit and Mehtab come out in shock. Gurwaksh says one last thing with us our families have no relationship either. Tell ranjit to stay away from mehtab. If that happens consequences will be really bad. They leave.


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:TGurwaksh reads a letter.He comes to Maha’s palace and a battle starts between them.

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