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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Mehtab comes to Sada and says you know what happened? Sada says is everything okay. All the sardars have chosen dad as the leader of the united force. Raj says wow congratulations Sada. Sada is shocked. She says in heart you all don’t know how happy I am. I am seeing my dream coming alive. My husband will rule over Mahan.

Ranjit says to Mahan can I ask something? He says sure. Ranjit says I don’t understand this face of Sahib too. Mahan says same here. His intentions are not good. This is a political game that he supported gurwaksh. That is why I didn’t agree to it. Gurwaksh is a good leader but the army leader should be someone wise. Gurwaksh is emotional. Ranjit says then why did your nod? Go and tell everyone. Mahan says no. Sometimes we have sacrifice small things for a greater cause. Ranjit says I know your dream is the unity of all Sikhs.
sahib says everyone looks happy but why not Mahan? Gurwaksh says my friend would be happy for my success.
That man comes to Ghulab and throws a letter at him.
Gurwaksh says to Mahan sahib thinks you are not happy. I told him my brother would be equally happy for my success as his. Mahan says even more than that. He hugs Gurwakhs. Ranjit says congrats. Gurewaksh says you have to join us too. Ranjit says I am ready for you and my country.

Ghulab says stop lying ranjit. Ranjit says what happened? Ghulab says Ranjit had been lying to all of us? Including his family. Sahib says what lie? Ghulab says ask him why he sneaks into the jungle? Ask him who is training him even after he is not enrolled in the camp. He goes a camp in jungle and learns from them. Sahib says that’s a good thing. Say truth Ranjit. Don’t be scared. Ranjit says Ghulab singh is right. I wasn’t enrolled in the camp. I didn’t want to give. I kept trying to learn. Then I found my leader. I want to prove myself in front of you all. I want to participate in star of the nation event. Ghulab says that’s impossible. You were kicked out of camp because you have one eye. And that can’t be fixed by anything. Ranjit says I have no flaw. I will prove that this is my power. It can’t make me any weaker. I will prove that anyone can be trained. Ghulab says this all means nothing here. You can’t see with one eye. How will you face the attack from each direction? Ranjit says like my teacher does. He can’t see with both eyes. Ghulab laughs. He says so the one who doesn’t have feet is teaching you to walk? You have so much believe in your teacher? You wanna win star of the nation competition? Then okay. I ghulab singh challenge, Ranjit to beat me in the competition.

Dal says Ranjti can’t take part in this competition. Jai says to Dal we should follow the rules. Jai says after two days there is star of the nation competition. Do you wanna participate in it? Ghulab says do you have the courage? Ranjit says yes. I accept this challenge? Mahan says this about it brother. Mahan says I have my faith in you. Ranjit says I have complete faith in my trainer.

Scene 2
Ranjit goes to jungle. He says I have to tell the trainer about this competition.
When Ranjit comes there everything is burned down to ashes. Ranjit is shocked. He recalls he was trained there. He sees Veer’s belt there. Ranjit screams and cries. He says master.. Ranjit is depressed. He sees that same hen. He recalls he ran after it.

Scene 3
Ghulam comes to Adamives. Adam says what did you do another mistake this time? Ghulam says I have ruined Ranjit’s future. Adam says how? He says I followed Ranjit like a shadow everywhere. I found out where Ranjit was being trained. His trainer is a blind person but is a soldier of class. Veer Singh. I told Ghulab and Ghulab told everyone. He challenged Ranjit and said yes. Adam says but this can create another enemy for us. Ghulam says Ranjit can never prepare. But his trainer is no more there. I and my soldiers ruined Veer’s entire camp. I burned everything down. He burned all the camps. Adam says wow I am proud of you. Ghulam says thanks.

Ranjit says you were my hope master. And you left me alone. I will avenge this from whoever did this.
Some people kidnap ranjit is a dark place. Ranjit says who are you people? If you have taken my master I will kill you all. Someone comes there with a knife. Ranjit says fight me if you have power. then you will know how he trained me. They take cloth off ranjit’s face. Ranjit sees someone and is dazed.


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Lakhpatrain tells Mahan Ranjit is nowhere. Raj says my heart is drowning. Like my son is in trouble. Mahan says ranjit’s horse here? Without him? Is Ranjit in trouble?

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