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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Sada recalls sahib said you have to stop Gurwaksh from going to this wedding. She slips from the stairs and faints. Gurwaksh runs towards her. Vaidh checks her and says the bruise on her head is deep. It will take time. Mehtab says we can’t leave your mom alone in this condition. He sits with sada and says please get well soon.

Ranjit and Mahan come to the wedding. Ranjit says why are there only men in the guests? Mahan asks the host is everything okay? He says yes. Mehtab says we can’t and ranjit would be waiting there. I have to send this message to ranjit. She sends a letter for Sukhi lal.
The servant comes and places Mehtab’s letter near sada and says as you ordered I didn’t let Mehtab’s letter go out of the village.
When Ranjit and Mahan come in there are men all around. Mahan says to Ranjit there is something suspicious. The Baraat comes outside.
Ghulam comes with the bride. Mahan says you. He puts a knife on her. He says you see all these men? They are all my army. If you come forward I will kill this bride. There is no way out of here. Today you have to die. Mahan says let these people go. I am your enemy. Ghulam says I want to kill you and your son. He throws the bride away. Mahna says Sukha lal take your daughter and please go from here. Everyone else go as well. Everyone leaves. Ghulam and his men are in there with Mahna and Ranjit. His men take out knifes.

Ghulam’s men try to stab ranjit and mahan but they can’t since they are wearing jackets. Ranjit throws water on all the lights. Its dark. ghulam’s men can’t sees Ranjit and Mahan. Ranjit and Mahan start killing Ghulam’s men. Ghulam is about to stab Ranjit. Ranjit stabs him. Ranjit reads a letter in his pocket. It says when will you attack Mahan? Gurwaksh singh. He says this means Gurwaksh sent Ghulam to kill us? Ranjit says to Ghualm who sent you? Ghulam laughs and says Gurwaskh Singh. He wanted to kill your dad. Even if I couldn’t kill your I have killed everything for you.

Scene 2
Gurwaksh is in his palace. A man comes with a dish. It has Ghulam’s head on it. The letter reads you first hide behind women, now behind cowards like Ghulam. I am ashamed I called you my brother. Here is this your gift. Attack from front if you can. Gurwaksh says he killed ghulam. He has crossed all the limits. Get ready for a war.

Mahan and Ranjit come home. Raj says thank God you both are fine. They all celebrate. Raj says Rnajit is not happy.
A sword with blood comes to Mahan with a letter. Mahan reads it. He says Gurwaksh wants to have a war. Okay then. I announce a war too.


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Gurwaksh and Mahan come in the battle field. Ranjit and Mehtab are on their way to stop the battle.