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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Maharaja Ranjit Singh 6th April 2017 watch online HD on 

Scene 1
Gurwaksh says didn’t you see DalJeet? Ranjit performed better than all the candidates. Dal says I am talking about protection of this country. Ranjit mihgt play darts with one eye, but can he win the battles with one eye? Can he see arrows showering from all directions? Will his soldiers trust in him. Even if we enroll ranjit won’t we compromise the security of the country.
Sahib says I think we should consider what Dal is saying. We are all proud of Ranjit but its about this country. Gurwaksh says if you agree with him you are still just two people. Everyone else gives Ranjit consent to join. Mahan says I don’t give my consent. Everyone is dazed. Mahan says Dal singh is right. Ranjit doesn’t deserve to be in training camp. Gurwaksh syas what are you saying? Mahan recalls Ranjit saying that he couldn’t play with the arrows fastly. Mahan says Ranjit should take more time and try to prove that his one eye isn’t his weakness. And unless he does that I can’t let him participate in army. Ranjit is in tears. There won’t be any compromise in this country’s protection. Ranjit says may I say something? Just one weakness overshadows my vision and mission? I did everything that was in my control. Sahib says you are one eyed. We are proud of Mahan and he proved again today why he is great. He thought about his country before his son. Everyone come and congratulate Mahan for being so great. Mahan looks at Ranjit crying.

Ghulab says to Ranjit very bad. Your dad insulted you in front of so many people. Come with me I will talk to him to convince him. He won’t say no because I am the apple of everyone’s eye today. Ranjit says you do not waste your time. I will think about myself you just go and celebrate. Ranjit leaves. Ghulab says my dad is always a step ahead of you.

Dal says to Sahib thank you so much. Sahib gives him a horse. Sahib says there is a new relationship between us now. Dal says I will keep that in mind forever. he leaves. Sahib says I need more people like Dal who are easy to be bought.

Scene 2
Ranjit is walking towards the palace. He collides with some men. They turn back and look at him.
Mehtab thinks Ranjit is selected. She plays drums as he walks in. Mehtab says the sardar to be and the trainee of camp is welcomes in this house.
Ranjit walks in anger and says stop all this. Mehtab is shopped.

Some women give Mai gifts for encouraging them to work and now their fields are fertile. Mai says you get paid for your efforts. Ranjit comes in and says I think you are wrong first time. Fate is greater than hard work. Their fields were grown because it was their fate. Mai says what happened? He says I couldn’t get enrolled in the camp. I won every contest that there was. My hardwork failed in front of my hard work. Gurwaksh says this is wrong to Mahan. He says its every plant’s right to be tree. Ranjit has the potential that he can protect this country forever. I know what will you say.. That I think from heart. Mahan says I know you didn’t like it. Gurwaksh says you don’t know anything. You will regret this decision of yours. Raj comes there. Gurwaksh says may I say something? I have only one friend, one brother. He listens to everyone but me.. it is my request to make him see what is right. He leaves. Mahan says you can say what you want to raj. I know you are hurt. Raj says yes I am hurt and I want to know why you did that with your son. Mahan says I will answer you. I did that as sardar not a father. Raj says i don’t want to talk to a father not sardar. If you are a sardar then I will leave.

Ranjit says I gave up on hardwork Mai. Mai says I am going to serve the people in food camp. Ranjit says are you out of your words too? Mai says some words are heard unsaid. I hope you understand.

Ranjit says to Aziz they think I am weak even though I proved myself. Ranjit says lets recalls every competition. Tell me if you saw any mistake. Aziz says yes lets do that.
Ranjit says first was fight and I beat my opponent. Then arrow. I did that right too. What did I do that disqualified me? He recalls his practice when Mahan came there. Ranjit told him he can’t focus on speed. Ranjit says now I realize. I told my father my weakness and he used it against me? Thats unfair.


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap  :Ranjit says horses? He goes to stable.
Its on fire. All the horses are going mad. A man comes to Mahna and says Ranjit cut the ropes of the precious horses.

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