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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Vidya picks up Chiraghh and says go to your room. Chiragh goes upstairs. Diwan says ba.. you started this again. Ba says this is truth. Shiela says ma kicked dai ma out of house. Chiragh listens it. Vidya says why ma. Manjila says because she is doing magic on chiragh. Vidya says Chiragh is alive because of her. Manjila says we have been fooled by her. Because of her chiragh has turned this way. This is all truth. Yashodin told. Vidya says you met him and didn’t tell us. Manjila says you won’t trust him. Vidya says what did he say? Manjila says that our chiragh is not chiragh. There is someone else’ soul in him. Vidya says what are you saying ma. Diwan says whose soul is it? Manjila says chiragh has Krish’s soul. Sheila sits there is shock. Chiragh made her say the last sentence. Vidya says what are you saying.. Manjila says chiragh is krish’s second life. She is controlling her words. Vidya says krish what? Manjila says when did you I talk about Krish? Diwan says you just said Krish. Vidya says you just said that. Manjila says I am saying chiragh has krish’s soul. Diwan says are you even in your sense. Manjila wonders what is wrong with her. When she is trying to say devil she is saying krish. Manjila says he is fooling you. There are evil powers inside him. Look at him.. Vidya says ma plese. Look at him. He is scared. Manjila says you can’t see his truth. Diwan says Vidya take ba to her room. Manjila says if your dad was here he would have trusted me. Diwan says its better that he is not here. If he saw you like this he would be worried. She says you don’t trust me right? You will all regret. She goes to her room. chiragh smiles.

Vidya consoles Shiela. Shiela is crying. She goes to her room. Diwan says that yashodin did it all. Diwan calls the inspector. He says I told you you will inform me when he is conscious. Inspector says she is your mom. How could we stop her? Diwan says no one can meet him without my permission. He says because of you yashodin my family is ruined.
Shiela looks at Krish’s picture. She is crying. Shanay comes and says I came from mom’s room. She is crying and saying no one is trusting her. Mom’s mental condition is not well. We should send her to asylum. Sheila says she cares for us. Don’t say that.
Shiela says Chiragh is our child. We shouldn’t let things like these rest in his heart. Shanya says mummy kicked out dai ma. Chiragh is so attached to her.

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Dai comes to the gate. Chirgah looks at her from the balcony. She walks in and says chiragh.. Vidya is coming to the room. She looks at Chiragh. Vidya looks at the gate. Chiragh’s eyes are red.No one is there. VIdya says who opened the gate? She says chiragh what happened? Chiragh says am I chiragh or krish? Am I your son or shiela ma’s? Vidya hugs her and says you are my son. I gave you birth. Chiragh says then why was ba calling me krish? Vidya says its too late. Come lets sleep. You have to go to school tomorrow.
They sleep. Dai ma sneaks in the house. She comes to Vidya’s room. She puts finger on Diwan and VIdya’s head. She says sleep deep and don’t wake up till I order. Chiragh wakes upb and goes with her.

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