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Mahek 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update


Mahek 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Mohit says to Mahek that I am leaving, he starts leaving when Shaurya’s car comes there, Shaurya sees him. Mohit leaves. Shaurya comes to Mahek and says why Mohit came here? Mahek says he is my brother, cant he come to meet me? Shaurya says lets go inside, I want to talk.
Shaurya comes in lounge and makes Mahek sits infront of him, he says white chilies is in loss but there is one way to bring it to top, Mahek says its good that you are focusing on it, Shaurya says I need your help, I am making white chilies part of a contest and I want you participate in it, he shows her contest pamphlet, Mahek is stunned and says I cant do it, Shaurya says I know we had rough patch in past days but I need your help, please, Mahek says Mohit registered in contest with food truck and I agreed to help him, Shaurya says you cant, you have to say no to him, I need this for my restaurant.

Mohit tells about contest to family and says we can earn 1crore with this contest, Kanta says coming on TV is not good, Jeevan says this is for big people not commoners like us, Mohit says but Mahek said its good contest.

Shaurya says to Mahek that we will win this contest and will make food truck our business partner, you wanted to run this house and restaurant then why you are not helping now? Mahek says I am sorry but Mohit needs to win this contest, his family is expanding, my family needs it, Vicky says if you dont support us Mahek then restaurant will not flourish, investors will leave.

Mohit says to family that you dont let me follow my dreams, Mahek wanted food truck so you allowed her but why not me? you people wanted me to run food truck even then you have problem with this?Sonal asks him to stop it, every baby comes with his fate, Mohit says its not about that, I dont want to raise my child like my father did, Kanta asks him to stop it.

Shaurya says to Mahek that if Mohit wants prize money then we will give it to him, its about our reputation, you are face of white chilies, when investors get to know that the person whose recipes we are selling is taking part in contest for another restaurant then we will be destroyed, Vicky says we really need you Mahek, Shaurya says I will give you time to think, he leaves. Mahek thinks to talk to Mohit.

Jeevan says to Mohit that if you have decided then we wont stop you from taking part in it, Mohit says if you Mahek hadnt said yes then you people wouldnt have allowed me to take part in this contest, you people dont trust me, I will take things on my own, he leaves. Jeevan says how much anger he had for us? Kanta says he is going to be father so he is tensed.

Shaurya explains strategy to staff in white chilies, Vicky gets investor’s call, he asks if Mahek is taking part for another restaurant? Vicky says no this is her restaurant, she will take part from our side.

Scene 2
Mahek comes to Sharma house and says to Mohit that she cant take part in contest, Mohit says why? he shouts that I fought with everyone and now you are backing out for your illegal love for your husband? Kanta asks him to shut up, Mohit says you must be happy that I am not participating, Jeevan asks him to not misbehave with his mother, Ravi asks whats the matter? Mohit says Mahek has proven again that she is not loyal to us, she will always take side of her husband who is not fair, Mahek says I am your elder sister so listen to me, Shaurya just wants to take part in contest, he will give prize money to you, Mohit says but he will get trophy, he is buying trophy, Mahek says do you want to win or just compete with Shaurya? Mohit says I just want to succeed. Sheetal comes there and says to Mahek that I was happy that you were going to help Mohit but you are offering him money, even I can offer him that but I am encouraging her to do something, you should be with your family, Mahek says I always stand with my family, Mohit says but not today, today you are standing with your husband, that person who broke our shops and forced us to work on food truck and when it started working so he married Mahek and now when we are entering this competition, he jumped in this too, and Mahek wants to help him, the person who killed her.. Sonal yells Mohit! Mohit glares at her and leaves. Mahek is tensed, Kanta says to Mahek that dont be tensed .and do what you think is right.

Mahek is with PD, PD says to Mahek that Mohit is right, food truck is my responsibility, I said yes to Mohit, but Shaurya is expecting a lot from me too, white chilies is dooming and I dont want to disappoint Shaurya and Karona, I just want to make my both families happy, PD says like in Mahabharat, you have to see who came to ask for help first, I am not taking sides but Mohit came to you to ask for help, Shaurya just assumed that you will be on his side, Mohit came to you first, its now on you whom you want to help, Mahek looks on

Mahek comes to white chilies, Shaurya says we were waiting for you. Shaurya says to Mahek that you go and handle kitchen, its all yours, I will handle marketing strategy, he turns to leave but Mahek holds his arm and says I am sorry Shaurya but I cant do this, Shaurya is stunned and gets angry, he jerks his hand away and says what you mean? Mahek says I have promised Mohit and I cant move back from it, I will take part in this contest with Mohit, Shaurya glares at her, she looks down.


Mahek 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shaurya says to Mahek that prepare well Mahek Sharma because I show your standard to you, your family and your brother because you people are nothing without me so we will meet tomorrow in contest. Mahek looks on.

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