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Mahek 25th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Mahek 25th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Digvijay and Mahek sees that Shaurya has scribbled S here, Mahek says we had come here late, we could have come here sooner and he would have been with me now. Digvijay says atleast we have a lead about him now.Mahek says did Shaurya want to write his name with this ‘S’ or hinting something else? Digvijay says seems like he wanted to write his name only, lets talk to inspector and see if we can find more.

Karona says to Harish that I dont trust Mahek or police now, go and search Shaurya,no one is going to worry about him, I want my Shaurya back, Harish says we will but take medicine first, Karona throws away medicine and says I want my Shaurya here first. Sonal sees her state and says to Kanta that if Shaurya is not found sooner then Karona will go crazy.

Mahek comes home. Sonal tells Mahek that Nikki came here and was accusing you, did you file any case to claim property? Mahek says no, Sonal says Nikki was saying that some Mrs. M Khanna filed the case, Karona is mad from that time thinking that you worry about property more than finding Shaurya. Mahek says I didnt file any case, I am just searching for shaurya, I dont care about property right now. Kanta says she said that some M Khanna filed case, if its not you then who did it? ahek says someone is using my name to fool everyone, who is this person? whats their motive? Kanta says what if Ajay and Nikki have an enemy and attacking them from behind? Sonal says there would be many enemies fighting for that crores of property, Kanta told her that we wont attack from behind. Mahek says whoever is this person, he or she wants to direct my attention from searching shaurya and get trapped in this case, they have an agenda. Sonal says it might the kidnapper.

Mahek calls Digvijay and tells him about property claim by some M Khanna, Mahek says who it can be? Digvijay says we will get to know because Nikki and Ajay have filed counter claim and if they dont show up in court tomorrow then case will be dismissed. Mahek says I will be there in court tomorrow.

Svetlana threatens her goon and says you people are useless, you cant even handle Shaurya alone. Svetlana gets a call from lawyer, lawyer tells her about Nikki and Ajay filing counter case on her and she has to show up in court tomorrow. Svetlana says they dont know that my name is Monica Khanna and I filed the case as M Khanna. Svetlana says to her goons that I will be going to court tomorrow, you take Shaurya to Nepal, take him away and dont comeback till I dont sent Nikki and that joker Ajay to jail, tomorrow my problems will end.

Next morning, Mahek and Vicky comes to court disguised as reporters. They are waiting for M Khanna to show him. Vicky acts like journalist, Mahek asks him to not overact and dont play with camera. Ajay comes there. He sees a couple romancing, he goes close to Nikki, she pushes him away and says focus on our work. Announcer asks Ajay and Nikki to come for court hearing. Ajay says Mahek didnt come till now, what if Mrs. M Khanna is not Mahek but someone else? Digvijay calls Mahek and says keep an eye outside court, cases are fought in court but solved outside court, keep an eye on everyone and keep looking for that agent, Mahek says okay. Svetlana comes there in burqa, have fake belly to show off as pregnant woman and veil so no one recognizes her.

She comes to her lawyer. Vicky sees her shoes, he says to Mahek that woman is wearing fancy heels and she is pregnant, its odd. Mahek says she has come disguised like us to hide her identity. Mahek calls Digvijay and says M Khanna has come here in burqa. Nikki sees woman in veil too. Nikki tries to run to her, Mahek tries to go to her but Svetlana throws away pillow from her belly and runs away. Mahek asks Vicky to run behind her. Svetlana mixes in many women wearing burqas there. Ajay and Nikki sit on bike, and follows Svetlana who is running away. Mahek is running behind Svetlana in veil. All are chasing Svetlana but she is still wearing burqa and keep running away. Ajay follows her on bike but they slip and fall down. Svetlana sits in her car, Vicky runs behind her but she drives away before he can reach her. Digvijay comes there, Vicky says fake Mrs. Khanna left. Vicky asks where is Mahek? they looks around for Mahek but doesnt find her. Vicky says I feel like she kidnapped Mahek too, I just saw that it was white Sedan car but I couldnt see number of car. Digvijay says where will we find Mahek?

Nikki slaps Ajay for making them fall from bike, one man says dont beat your husband, Ajay says I am sorry baby. Nikki says I could have caught that M Khanna, Ajay says who is this person who doesnt want to show their face.

Scene 2
Mahek is bunk of Svetlana’s car. She calls Digvijay and tells him, he says are you crazy? this is big risk, Mahek says I couldnt let her get away, I have to find out Shaurya. Digvijay says what if that kidnapper finds that you are in bunk of car? make sure that your phone is on all the time and keep your GPS on so we can track and come to you, I am sure kidnapper is going to Shaurya, Mahek says okay, she ends call and switches on her GPS. Vicky says what if are not able to track Mahek? she will be kidnapped too, Digvijay says let me call police, they leave. Nikki was standing behind them and heard their talk about Mahek being in bunk of kidnapper’s car. Ajay comes there and asks whom you are romancing alone here? Nikki glares at him. Nikki calls her goon and asks him to trace a number she is sending. Ajay says whose number are we tracking? she says just come with me.

Kanta says to Vicky that you are trying to say Mahek hid in kidnapper’s car and left with them, she got herself kidnapped to find Shaurya? and you didnt stop her? she gets tensed and says God give this girl brains. Jeevan says Mahek is not senses these days but we sent you so you can use your brain. Ravi says I dont understand what games you kids are playing, first Shaurya died then he was kidnapped and now Mahek left in kidnapper’s car? why didnt you stop her? instead you came here and increasing our blood pressure by telling this, you are telling like she has something to make us proud. Kanta says you people are acting like kids. Vicky says I am sorry, before I could stop her, she left. Vicky says Digvijay has said.. Jeevan says to hell with Digvijay, he has brought all this on our kids to solve this case, he doesnt even have his kids to know the pain. Balwant says Kanta and Jeevan enough, let him talk.Vicky says Digvijay is tracing Mahek’s phone, we will find them, Kanta says who is this new enemy? what this man wants from us? Vicky says not a man but woman, we know that atleast.


Mahek 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Svetlana parks car outside her home. She down from car and doesnt know that Mahek is hiding in her bunk. Mahek opens bunk lid. Goons bring Shaurya’s body out of house, Mahek is distraught to see it. Svetlana is walking to house, she slips and falls down, she winces in pain and turns to tend her sprained foot, Mahek sees her face and is shocked to see that Svetlana is the kidnapper.

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Mahek Details

Zindagi Ki Mehek is an Indian Hindi soap opera television series, which aired on September 19, 2016 & broadcast on Zee TV. The series is aired weekdays. The series is produced by Parin Media of Saurabh Tewari.


Sameeksha Jaiswal
Karan Vohra

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Zee TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min


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