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Mahek 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Mahek 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Mohit tastes Mahek’s dish and says its yum. Shaurya glares at them and thinks I will win this contest at any cost. Mahek smiles at him. Sheetal comes and says I will taste it too, Mahek makes her taste it, Sheetal says its awesome, Mahek you have magic in your hands, Kanta says I think we will win now. shaurya is glaring at them, Sheetal smirks at him, Shaurya huffs. Jeevan says lets make final decorations, Mohit asks Mahek to see salad, Mahek leaves main dish and goes to salad. Mohit starts working on Mahek’s main dish. Both teams are working on dishes. Reporter asks Mahek if her husband lose today then will they have fight? Mahek gets tensed hearing it. Sonal asks Mohit to her help in setup, she asks Sheetal what happened? Sheetal says nothing, I am coming, she leaves. Niki says I am still not sure about our dish, Shaurya is looking at Mahek, Niki says I think Mahek is going to win today, she is better chef than me, shaurya says she can be best chef of world but I am going to win this contest as winning is not my habit but my requirement and need now. Host says time is going to be up soon, he starts countdown 5.. 4..3.. 2..1.. stop! Both teams stop working. Mahek smiles at shaurya.

Host says which team is going to win? All chant for Mahek and shaurya both. Sonal asks Nehal where is Sheetal? she says I dont know. Judges taste dishes of both teams, they discuss, one judge starts coughing after tasting Mahek’s dish, judges start huffing after tasting Mahek’s dish, Mahek is confused and tensed seeing it. Mahek tastes her dish and spits it unable to eat it, Shaurya snickers, Mahek coughs and says how so much salt came in my dish? all are confused. Shaurya smirks at Niki. One judge says Shaurya’s team made good dish but it was not same as original, Mahek’s team seemed to cook their dish in pure salt so its clear that winner is.. Shaurya Khanna and white chilies. Shaurya claps, he takes Karona’s blessing and hugs Niki, Sharma family is confused. Shaurya takes trophy. Mansi says how this happened? Jeevan says anyone could have mixed salt in our dish but Shaurya was behind this idea, Kanta says how could he have done that? Jeevan says lets ask him how he cheated. Jeevan comes to Shaurya and shouts what cheating you did this time as you couldnt win this purely and fairly, what cheating did you do? Shaurya says I should give you mental doctor’s number. Jeevan says shut up, he is about to hit Shaurya. Host says this is not a fighting ground, Mahek please make Jeevan understand, Mahek says I am sorry, she asks Jeevan to move back, Jeevan says you didnt do good Shaurya. Host calls Shaurya on stage with his team, they take trophy and prize money. Host says white chilies now get the chance to open their chains in London, Paris, New york and many other places. Shaurya starts giving interviews to reporters, Sharma family sadly leaves.

Scene 2
Sharma family comes home. PD says someone did play with our dish. Sonal comes there and says Mohit has gone somewhere, Mahek says this is all happening because of me, Sonal says nothing like that, she hugs Mahek, Nehal says we should think who mixed salt in our dish. Sonal says but dish was in our hands till it reached judges. Jeevan says maybe Judges rigged it and mixed salt in it, Shaurya could have given money to judges to do it, Mahek says no Shaurya can never do something like that, Jeevan says I hope so. Sheetal comes there, she is on call, she ends call. Sheetal says to Mahek that I want to ask something, dont feel bad but people are saying that dish was in your hands before Judges took it so maybe Mahek rigged it.. I mean to say.. she could have done mistake, Balwant says I have told you many times to not say rubbish but you dont listen, PD says why would she even do it? Sheetal says if Sharma family had won the contest then my son in law and my would be grandson would have benefit but Mahek gave it to her husband.. Sonal says enough Maa, how can you blame her and how can you say that you will have grandson only? Sheetal says I know it would be grandson and this Mahek is behind all this rigging, as white chilies, Shaurya and trophy that Shaurya took is of Mahek’s only, Sonal asks her to shut up and I can blame you too for rigging. Mansi says just leave from here, Sheetal says my daughter is in this house so I have some right on this house too and my daughter is alleging me? she is useless. Mahek cries and says dont fight with your daughter, its my mistake, Sheetal says you did what you wanted and now pretending to be innocent, Mansi says dont test our patience more and leave now. Sheetal leaves. Mahek brings out papers, she gives it to Sonal and says these are food truck’s owner papers and I have named it to Mohit, all are stunned. Jeevan says how did you decide it alone? Mahek says I started it and I trust my brother to take over it, I should go home, Karona Maa must be waiting for me. She leaves.

Shaurya comes home with Niki. Vicky says our investors have congratulated us and they want to meet us next week to discuss expanding our franchise. Karona says Vicky Mahek havent come till now? Vicky says I dont know. Shaurya says I know she must be crying in some corner over her defeat or she must be thinking of some lecture like truth has to pass through tough tests and all that rubbish so leave it, cheers. He takes wine glass and is about to drink it when Mahek enters there, all look on. Shaurya puts hand on Niki’s shoulder seeing Mahek, Niki feels uncomfortable and removes it. Karona asks Mahek how is everyone? she says all are fine, she asks and you? Mahek says I am fine too, I just need rest, she greets Niki and congratulates her for winning, she turns to leave but Vicky offers her cake. Mahek stops and sadly cuts cake, she takes piece and looks at Shaurya with tears, he feels bad and looks away, Mahek eats cake, she is about to breakdown so she runs away from there crying. Shaurya looks on. Niki says what happened? are you feeling half win? Shaurya says the winner in the end is what matters only. Karona says winning after making your own people is not a win in real, if you win their hearts then thats real victory, Shaurya looks on.


Mahek 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mahek gets a call from someone, man says I am the representative of the contest, contest’s press release needs your photos and videos so can you send it to us? Mahek says yes I am sending you, she ends call. Mahek brings Shaurya’s laptop to send pictures. She opens it. Shaurya comes there too. Mahek opens laptop and is shocked to see the video of someone putting extra salt in her dish playing. Shaurya looks on.

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Mahek Details

Zindagi Ki Mehek is an Indian Hindi soap opera television series, which aired on September 19, 2016 & broadcast on Zee TV. The series is aired weekdays. The series is produced by Parin Media of Saurabh Tewari.


Sameeksha Jaiswal
Karan Vohra

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Zee TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min


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