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Mahek 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Shaurya brings Rohit and Ajay outside Mahek’s house. He drags and throws them in Mahek’s feet, Mahek looks at him a little proud. ,, Police comes there, Ajay says inspector save us, he beat us so bad. Shaurya grabs their collars and says i will punish you both, i wont spare you. Mahek says Shaurya thank you but let police do their work. Shaurya nods and pushes them away. Inspector says to Shaurya that you are eye witness so you have to come with us, it will benefit case. Shaurya looks at Mahek intensely, Kanta sees this, Shaurya turns and leaves. Mahek is emotional. Nehal says he loves her so much that he did this for her. Kanta says this is not love but pure madness, his obsession is so high that if anything comes inbetween then not only it will burn down Mahek but will burn us all too, we have to stop his obsession, Mahek looks at her tensely.
At night, Sonal and Nehal are with Mahek. Nehal mimics Shaurya and says love should have intensity, he beat them so nicely, Sonal says he taught them nice lesson. Mahek says dont say much, if Kanta hears it then you both will beaten more badly than Ajay and Rohit. Mahek gets Shaurya’s call, she blushes and goes on terrace to take call. Sonal teases her that is it your personal bodyguard calling? Mahek takes call and asks is he fine? Shaurya says its about you, are you fine? if you are fine then i will be fine too. Mahek is stunned to hear it, she tries to control her smile but cant. Mahek says i am fine, Sonal and Nehal were praising you. Shaurya says they are my fan but i will be happy when Kanta praises me, i want to talk to you, can you come down your street? Mahek sees him standing outside her house, she says you have started on my street again? go away, Shaurya says i want to talk to you, Mahek says we cant talk, we have to remain away for few days. Shaurya says i have to talk to you and i will talk if not today then maybe tomorrow but i will, you go to sleep. Mahek looks at him sadly from window. Shaurya starts leaving. Kanta comes out to throw away trash and sees Shaurya leaving and Mahek standing near window, she looks on.

Karona calls commissioner and says you know Shaurya’s anger, i will make him understand. Shaurya comes there. She ends call and says did you go to meet Mahek? is she fine? Shaurya says she is fine, go and meet her soon, she will get happy to see you. Karona says you care for her that much? that you can put yourself in danger? that you can risk anything for her but you cant say simple sorry to her? you did mistake by leaving her at wedding alter so why not apologize to her? Shaurya says i am trying to show her that i am repenting my mistake, i dont have to verbally say it, we fight with our close ones but we win them over again, they are my own people so i will repent everything. Karona says i am a woman, i know you should calmly sit down with her and tell her gently about your mistakes, this way her family will have peace too, they will get to know that you realize your mistake. Shaurya says if i had to calm explain everything, if i had to be gentle in love then i wouldnt be Shaurya Khanna, he leaves, Karona looks on.

Kanta is unable to sleep and says this Shaurya Khanna is way worse then eclipse for moon, dont know how we will get free from this evil Shaurya. She recalls how Shaurya beat Rohit and Ajay and how he came at night to meet Mahek. She says i have to find someway.

In morning, Mahek is serving food to family. Sonal asks her to sit down, you are not totally fine. Jeevan asks Kanta to come and have breakfast. he asks Mohit to go and look for her, Mohit says let me eat, i should look like i am from good class family, he goes to see Kanta. Mansi asks Mahek to not do much movements. Ravi says if you dont sit down now then i wont allow you to come to food truck, Mahek says dont worry, i am fine. Mohit comes and says Kanta is not seen anywhere. Kanta comes there, Jeevan asks where she was? Kanta says i was here only, lets go to work.

Shaurya is at his restaurant, he is rehearsing what he will say to Mahek, he says i will ask her how she is, no i will ask how she is doing, no thats pathetic line, i will tell her that i want to talk to her, thats good. Vicky comes there with staff, Shaurya says you all are late, Vicky says why did you call us early morning is there any function? Shaurya says something like that, did you bring stuff? he says yes.

Mahek comes to food truck with her family. They see whole food truck decorated with flowers and board there saying ‘welcome back Mahek’. Nehal says wow what a love, this love is not easy but its going to sail. Shaurya comes there and says Mahek i want to talk to you, Kanta says dont even come near her, Shaurya says i just want to talk to her, i came last night too, i can talk to her infront of you all too. Kanta says she is not going to talk to you, leave her alone. Shaurya says i will talk to her and thats final, he grabs Mahek’s hand and says i want to talk. Mahek says leave my hand, dont misbehave, Shaurya says if you are embarrassed to talk infront of all of them then lets go inside my restaurant and talk, i will see to it who dares to stop me, he glares at Kanta.

Kanta jerks his hand away and says yes i can stop you and i will stop you. Kanta gives paper to Shaurya and says read it and leave otherwise i will kick you out of here. Shaurya reads some notice and is stunned, Mahek is confused. Shaurya says restraining order? Kanta says according to this, Shaurya Khanna will have 50feet distance from Mahek, even if fire broke out in world, you will not cross 50feets surrounding of Mahek and if you cross limits then you will be arrested. Nehal says why we need this restraining order? Kanta says because he can hurt my Mahek and he is eclipse in her life, she asks Shaurya to leave away from Mahek, he is crossing 500feet limits, Shaurya says i will not go away from her, i will not move away even 1feet from her. Kanta calls police there. Policeman asks Shaurya to go away from Mahek otherwise they will have to drag him away. Shaurya gets angry and grabs policeman’s collar about to beat him but Mahek says no Shaurya please. Shaurya looks at her and releases collar of policeman, he huffs and leaves from there.

Shaurya calls three top lawyers. Lawyer says its written in restraining order that you can hurt Mahek so you have to stay away, Shaurya says i know that, tell me solution.
Mahek says to Kanta that why you had to take such big step against him? now he will rebel more, Jeevan says why you had to go all out to take this order, Nehal says yes, he welcomed her so lovingly, their love is pure, Kanta says shut up, you people want him to do anything he can and we keep sitting silently? you people call his obsession and hero like acts as his love.
Lawyer says to Shaurya that they have presented you as devil in this restraining order, we cant do much, Shaurya says find a solution to nullify this restraining order, find out how i can meet Mahek without breaking rules of this restraining order, they look clueless. Shaurya gets an idea, he says to vicky that you have to keep an eye on Mahek for me, you have to tell me about her every move, Vicky says yes bro.
Kanta says Shaurya will try everything to meet Mahek but I will fail all his plans, Mahek worriedly looks on,


Mahek 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shaurya sits in outdoor area of his restaurant and says to customers near food truck that you help me talk to Mahek then you will get Shaurya Khanna live for free, free. Kanta glares at him and says Mahek you wont come to food truck from tomorrow, come with me, she drags Mahek away from there. Shaurya gets tensed seeing Mahek being dragged from there, Mahek dejectedly looks at him.

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Mahek Details

Zindagi Ki Mehek is an Indian Hindi soap opera television series, which aired on September 19, 2016 & broadcast on Zee TV. The series is aired weekdays. The series is produced by Parin Media of Saurabh Tewari.


Sameeksha Jaiswal
Karan Vohra

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Zee TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min


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