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Mahek 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Mahek 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Mahek 5th April 2017 video watch online HD on

Scene 1
Mahek sees train stopping at station, someone pulls her inside, she sees Shaurya pulled her in his arms and train decorated with balloons and roses. Shaurya says i told you that i will meet again today to say what i wanted to say. Mahek looks around decorated train and asks what is this? Shaurya says this is all fro you, this is special moment so i want to say it in special style. Mahek tries to argue but Shaurya puts hand on her mouth and says what i couldnt say in cinema, i will say it today, you know how much i love you, i show it everyday how much i love you, i did all this today to show you that i will love you for life, you can get angry on me but dont go away from me, i will even your badly cooked food, i will listen to your every talk, the anger which you used to hate will become my love for you, Shaurya cups her face and says i will love you till i am breathing, I love you, I love you Mahek, Mahek is in daze hearing all this, they share eyelock. Shaurya sits on train seat infront of Mahek and holds Mahek’s hand, he asks Mahek will you marry me again? Mahek’s breath hitches in her throat hearing it, she sees Shaurya holding her hand and sitting on her knees infront of her, she takes her hand away from his and says you broke law, booked whole train to come here to meet me? you have no fear, no regards for anyone, everything is extreme for you, you hated me with extreme emotion and even showing love like madness, Shaurya says i love you. Mahek says you dont understand meaning of love, you need trust to live loving life but i cant trust you now, nobody knows when you will go back on your words, moments with you are either filled with love or they just break my heart, there should stability in love not so much rush like you, you are running to me today but what if you start hurting me again? start hurting families again? i am thankful to you, you have saved my life, not once but many times but i am scared of you, how will love survive where is fear? Shaurya is hurt hearing it and says you have changed me, i am not arrogant man like earlier, give me chance to prove to yourself. Mahek says what will you prove? you cant even behave like normal man, she looks away from him, Shaurya tries to hold her hand but jerks her hand away, Shaurya says listen Mahek Sharma, no one can love you more than me, you are mine and i will make you mine soon. Train stops at station. Sharma family is waiting there. Mahek comes out of train, Sharma family is shocked to see Shaurya standing in train, Mahek turns to look at Shaurya, he intensely gazes at her, Mahek sighs helplessly. Kanta looks on.

Kanta comes to Shaurya’s house with Ravi and inspector. Shaurya says i knew you would come, should i arrange dinner? Kanta says you will have dinner in jail now. Inspector says according to restraining order Shaurya cannot cross limits of 50limits around Mahek but he was found in Metro with Mahek. Karona comes and asks what happened? Inspector says we have to arrest Shaurya, Karona says you irritated Sharma family again? Shaurya says i was not away from Mahek, i was only 2inches away from Mahek but i didnt break restraining order. Shaurya’s lawyer comes there and says Shaurya had to maintain distance from Mahek on ground but when Shaurya was near Mahek, they were in air, Metro was not running on ground, it was in air so that restraining order cant be applied there, Ravi says this Shaurya is trapping us in laws. Shaurya says I have become Shaurya Khanna by playing all with all these laws and regulations. Inspector says Shaurya’s lawyer is right, Metro was on aerial route when Shaurya broke order so it cant be applied. Ravi says see Kanta what is happening here? lets leave. Shaurya snickers and says to Kanta that if i want, i cant become old Shaurya and trap your family is such court cases that you will keep fighting them till Mahek and Shaurya have kids too but i wont do it because I am Shaurya v2.0, i am not going to take any action, i will just counter your attacks because with your blessing, your Mahek has changed me, Kanta glares at him and leaves with Ravi.

Kanta comes home and says to Mahek that you remain silent when Shaurya was professing his undying love? PD says it was not her fault, Ravi says Mahek didnt know that Shaurya would be there. Kanta says i cant stop Shaurya but this is my family, i am telling this to all of you today that either choose Shaurya or choose me, if you choose me then forget Shaurya and if you choose Shaurya then forget me, decision is all yours, Mahek sadly looks on, she leaves from there.
Mahek comes to her room, she recalls Shaurya pulling her in train, professing his love, proposing her and declaring that he will make her mine, Mahek says why now? why you are doing this now? why? she silently weeps.

Scene 2
In morning, Mansi says to family that there is pooja going on outside in society, let go there. They all come out and see media there, Jeevan says what is this drama now? Sharma family comes on street, media is recording them. Sharma family starts doing pooja. Shaurya comes there with band playing music. Media captures him and says Shaurya Khanna is here, Mahek gets tensed. Kanta asks to call police, he is going to cross 50feets limits, Shaurya says i am 50feets away from her, you can measure if you want. Jeevan says if he drags Mahek’s name with him today then i am going to beat him infront of media only. Shaurya says to media that I want to tell everyone secret behind success of my restaurant ‘white chilies’, and i want to say it infront of Sharma family because they have big hand in making my restaurant success especially Mahek Sharma. Shaurya says whatever recipes our restaurant, all unique and delicious dishes that we use to lure people is not mine, they all originally belong to Mahek’s mother Meera Sharma, Mahek is stunned to hear him confess it, media says you mean you bought those recipes from Sharma family? Shaurya says no i stole those recipes, i promised wedding, cheated this family by winning their hearts then i stole recipes but i couldnt bring magic in those dishes, i stole her recipes but i couldnt stole Mahek’s hand magic maybe thats why Mahek’s taste is still hit and Shaurya is still flop.


Mahek 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shaurya says to honor Meera Sharma and her recipes, I have taken permission from municipal cooperation, from now this street of old Delhi will be on Meera Sharma’s name, it will be dedicated to her, Mahek looks on as Shaurya unveils slate which shows street dedicated to her mom and is unable to believe his act.

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Mahek Details

Zindagi Ki Mehek is an Indian Hindi soap opera television series, which aired on September 19, 2016 & broadcast on Zee TV. The series is aired weekdays. The series is produced by Parin Media of Saurabh Tewari.


Sameeksha Jaiswal
Karan Vohra

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Zee TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min