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Mahek 8th February 2017 Written Update


Mahek 8th February 2017 Written Update and Mahek 8th February 2017 video watch online

Scene 1
Karona says we can’t expect anything from Shaureya. But God gave you a chance. He made him fall so you can teach him a lesson. Just do as I say. She tells mahek a plan. Karona says to sameer bring some money. Mahek says I can’t do all this. This will hurt him. Karona says less than the hurt he gave you. We have to bring him on right path. Sameer gives money to Karona. He says why you need it? Karoan says holi is near we have to give it to workers. She gives the money to Mahek.

Shaureya is trying to take water from side table but he can’t. Mahek says you want something? He says I don’t need your help. Mahek says yes you are not a beggar. You don’t ask for things you snatch them. Shaureya calls the servant and asks him to give water. His hands are dirty.

Shaureya says leave it go from here. Karona and mahek smile. They give the servant money. Svetlana is seeing them. Mahek says to all the servants don’t listen to him.
Mahek says this is hurting him. We have to give him water. Karona says you won’t do that. I am his mom. In childhood I should have slapped him twice he won’t have been like this. He wont have behaved this way with you. I have a chance to change him after 17 years. You will do what I say. Karona asks servant to return money to sameer.
Shaureya says is anyone home. Karona comes in and says what is wrong. Mahek give him water. Shaureya says keep standing there. I have so many servants. All of them useless. and my mom has no time for me. Karona says why did you marry. She is your wife. Give this tantrum to your wife not me. I am going to temple and all the servants too. If you are angry be mad at mahek, if you are happy thank mahek. She leaves. Karona says go handle him.

Mahek says you can ask me for what you want. He says if you think I will bow in front of you you are wrong. He calls someone and says I wanted 4 nurses full time. They should be hot. Mahek leaves in anger. She tells Karona. Karona says what will we do now. Mahek says I won’t let them go near him. Karoan says thats my girl. Mahek calls nehal and says you and sonam and have to do something important. She shares the plan. Karona and Mahek smiles.

Scene 2
The nurses are on their way. Sonam and Nehal stop their car. They are crying. They ask them to drop them near by. The nurses say what happened? They tell the nurses about hospital. She says we heard a patient needs four hot nurses. The man who called us was a pervert. He touched us so much. Don’t go to him. The nurses get scared. Nehal says that shaureya kept one of us there. He is not a good man. A nurse says shaureya khanna? He called us as well. Nehal says there are four nurses there already. Don’t go. He is not a nice man. The nurse says this is why he couldn’t get married. Nehal’s phone rings. She says don’t be scared we are coming there. The nurses make them sit in the car.
Shaureya calls a nurse anita.. He says where are you and your team? She says why are you desperate? I will tell all the nurses in Dehli that you are a pervert. You wont get a single nurse in the city. mahek gives sharueya water. He says I will do my work myself. Mahek comes out. She is crying. The song Kabira plays in background. Mahek sees him in trouble. She swipes her tears. Mahek gives him sheet. He throws it away. Shaureya says stop it. I don’t need your help or sympathy. Mahek says go to hell.
He says let me be okay I will tell them all.

Shaureya calls his chef. He says Karan bring me lunch. Shouldn’t be spicy. Mahek comes to kitchen. He says bhabi how are you? Sir called for lunch. Are you here to pick it? Mahek says no I want a favor. He says you saved me that day by making that dessert. Otherwise I would have been insulted. Mahek tells him the plan.

Nehal comes home. Knata calls mahek and says what are you doing with nehal in your house. Mahek says nehal did what I asked her. Shaureya will be on right track. Kanta says I am worried for you. Mahek says I have to bring shureya to right path. This was karona’s idea. Kanta says what? Everyone has lost it completely.

Shaureya says this is the worst day of my life. No food. Mahek comes in with food. She says wow this smells so tasty. Mahek is eating.
Shaureya calls Karan. Karan says I am at police station. My dad i lost. I know you are hungry. Shaureya says go find your baba. He looks at mahek eating. Mahek says you wanna go somewhere? Ask for help. He says I don’t need it. Mahek says it won’t make you any smaller. He says I don’t take help from anyone.

Mahek 9th February 2017 Written Update Precap : Svetlana says you know because of whom this is happening to you? Shaureya says who is a greater enemy than you?
Svetlana calls all the servants and says tell him who bribed you not to help shaureya? The servants say mahek.

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Mahek Details

Zindagi Ki Mehek is an Indian Hindi soap opera television series, which aired on September 19, 2016 & broadcast on Zee TV. The series is aired weekdays. The series is produced by Parin Media of Saurabh Tewari.


Sameeksha Jaiswal
Karan Vohra

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Zee TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min