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Mahek 9th February 2017 Written Update


Mahek 9th February 2017 Written Update and Mahek 9th February 2017 video watch online

Scene 1
Shaureya says I don’t need to bow down in front of a girl. i won’t ask for your help. Mahek says in heart I have to stay strong today and not go for his help. Shaureya is trying to get water. He comes on edge of the bed. Shaureya falls down. Mahek runs towards him. She says go to help. Don’t ask for help but I can’t see you like this. I lost and you won. Come now. He says go away from me. I don’t need your help. He tries to get back on bed. Shaureya slips. He says Mahek.. Please Mahek help me. Mahek runs towards himand puts him on bed. Mahek helps him wash his hands. Mahek says let me bring lunch. Shaureya says mahek.. Thank you. Mahek says please thank you, you got manners. Now just sorry is left. Mahek makes Shaureya eat. He rests his head on Mahek’s shoulder.Mahek caresses his face. He falls asleep.

Mahek massages Shaureya’s back with bam. She makes him sit. Mahek says did pain abate? He nods. Mahek says you wanna take fresh air? Should I take you to balcony? he nods. Mahek takes him out. She says I am arranging your meds inside. Call me if you need me. Shaureya holds her hand and says thank you. She says that sounds good from you. You are welcome.

Servant says what are you doing? Svetlana says we are pouring oil on you. He says why? She says you can be burned. He made shaureya slip and thought no one would know. Vikcy says mama he is peeing. Svetlana says you made shaureya slip? Vicky says it spilled because of me. Svetlana says what about the money mahek gave you? He says she gave them to all the servants. Svetlana says you will say that in front of Shaureya.
Doctor checks Shaureya and says you have recovered really fast. You can go office from tomorrow. Sameer says to Karona you remember we had to go to an engagement. Karona says but shaureya is not well. Mahek says don’t worry I am here. Karona says that is why I am not worried. We are going then. You two take care of each other. Mahek goes out with Karona.
Svetlana comes and asks how are you shaureya? He says everything is fine by now. But your face shoots my Bp. She says what I am gonna tell you will shoot it even more. Shaureya says I have an off from all the enemies. Svetlana says don’t you wanna know how you came on bed? Love blinds everyone. Didn’t you think who spilled milk on stairs? Whom would it benefit? Shaurya says you are my greatest enemy. Svetlana says I won’t shove you from stairs. I will send you somewhere from where you can never come back. Your mahek did that with you.
Svtlana calls vicky in. He brings awara. Svtlana says who bribed you not to help shaureya? He says Mahek bahbhi. Shaureya is dazed. Svtlana says mahek spilled milk, she took nehal’s help to sho away nurses and She bribed servants not to help you. so you beg her for help. She succeeded. I have all the proofs. Shaureya says get lost. Svetlana says relax. You and Mahek are home alone. She must have planned a lot of conspiracies for you. I wanna see how she makes you her dog. Bye.

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Mahek Details

Zindagi Ki Mehek is an Indian Hindi soap opera television series, which aired on September 19, 2016 & broadcast on Zee TV. The series is aired weekdays. The series is produced by Parin Media of Saurabh Tewari.


Sameeksha Jaiswal
Karan Vohra

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Zee TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min