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Mahek 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Mahek 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Mahek 9th March 2017 video watch online HD on

Scene 1
Shaurya says to Mahek that if you leave today then you will never comeback, never. Shaurya is cupping Mahek’s face in his hands, Mahek takes his hands away from her face, she holds her bag and moves Shaurya away from door, she opens door and starts leaving. Shaurya is shocked to see her leaving, he runs to her and grabs her hand, she looks at him in tears, Shaurya throws Mahek’s bag away, he pulls her closer and you are.. how can you… me.. how can you leave? how can you? Mahek wipes her tears, Shaurya sees her wearing chura. Shaurya says to Mahek that if you really want to leave then why this drama of wearing Chura? take them off and throw them away, if you have that much guts? i know you dont want to end this relation, you want me to apologize to you? to accept that i love you? i wont accept it, i wont bow down to you and you know what? you have no value without me, where will you go? to old Delhi streets? you will comeback running to me, this Chura is witness that there is nothing finished between us, nothing is finished. Mahek looks at her chura, she takes off her Chura(sacred marriage bangles) and start putting in Shaurya’s hands, Shaurya is unable to believe it, she looks at Shaurya in tears.

Shaurya is stunned. Mahek says you are right, nothing is finished between us because there was nothing between us to begin with, right? her bangles fall on ground too and some in Shaurya’s hands. She weeps and goes to take her bag again, She looks at Shaurya last time and leaves from there, Maahi Ve Mohabbatan sachiyan ne plays. Shaurya sees Mahek leaving his house. Mahek stops at door of house, she closes her eyes. Shaurya is standing on terrace and holding Mahek’s bangles in his hands, he crushes bangles in his hand and his hand bleeds, Mahek is standing on ground floor, Shaurya blood falls on Mahek’s forehead and fills her forehead like Sindoor, Mahek doesnt see it and leaves. Shaurya looks on in pain.

In Sharma house, Mansi asks PD to not worry. Ravi says to Jeevan that you call me angry man but what you did? you are BP patient and you broke Shaurya’s restaurant? if you had told me earlier then this wouldnt have happened, i would have done some arrangements to stop all this. Mahek comes there with her luggage. Kanta sees her hands and asks where is your Chura? Mahek cries and says i have left his home. Mahek comes to PD and says i did mistake by trusting Shaurya and having hopes from him, i cried but made my family and my whole society suffer, i am sorry, i did mistake but i wont be doing mistakes now, i have left Shaurya forever and have comeback, i have ended everything. PD says calm down, God runs society, Mahek cries and leaves.

Mahek comes to her room, Sonal comes there, Mahek hugs her and cries, she breakdowns. Kanta is seeing everything from far. Sonal says to Mahek that are you sure that you can live without Shaurya? Mahek says i will learn to live without him, i have deep wounds but they will heal in the end, i have ended everything and came here, i thought that i will bear his all attacks and tricks, i will be patient with him but today i answered him back, the Chura of his name which i used to wear isnt in my hands anymore, i gave even Chura back to him, Mahek holds her head and cries continuously. Sonal says you have given Chura to him but what about Shaurya’s symbol which you have brought with yourself? She shows Mahek her forehead in mobile camera, Mahek is stunned to see red color(blood) in her forehead. Mahake runs to mirror, she looks at her blood filled maang(forehead) and is shocked, she panics and washes her head, she keep splashing water on her face. Kanta has observed everything from far.

Mahek opens door and finds Shaurya standing there, she says you? Balwant says what else is remaining now? why you have come here? Shaurya can i talk to my half wife, i mean my ex half wife.

Mahek says fine, come in. Shaurya goes to terrace with Mahek. Mahek doesnt even look at him and asks Shaurya what do you want? She tries to go away from him but Shaurya grabs her hand and says your attention, he moves towards her, she moves back and hits her back with pillar, Mahek asks are you going to tell or shall i leave? Shaurya pins her to pillar and says your attention and your sign, he shows her papers, Mahek sees it and says divorce papers?


Mahek 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shaurya says to Mahek that what if your mood changes after two days and you try to bring NGO women to my house to enter again so you wont be able to enter, thats written in these papers. Mahek glares at him and says i will die but i will never comeback to you now, Shaurya is astounded hearing it.

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Mahek Details

Zindagi Ki Mehek is an Indian Hindi soap opera television series, which aired on September 19, 2016 & broadcast on Zee TV. The series is aired weekdays. The series is produced by Parin Media of Saurabh Tewari.


Sameeksha Jaiswal
Karan Vohra

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Zee TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min