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May I Come in Madam 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update and May I Come in Madam 10th March 2017 video watch Online HD on

The Episode starts with Sanju thinking to go home with Sanjana on her bike. He acts to be hurt and goes to Sanjana. He lies about his accident done by her, when she has hit him by bike. She asks him to sit, she will give first aid, she did nursing course. He sits. She compliments his feet. She gifts him ghungroos. He asks her to make him wear it. She makes him wear it and asks him to make her life musical. Sanju dances. His imagination ends. She asks how are you dancing when you said you have sprain. He says I got fine so I danced happily. She says looks like I don’t have to drop you anymore.

Sanju rushes to stop Sanjana and asks for lift. She asks what happened now, I have to go with my friends. Sanju says I have imp work, drop me. Kashmira does puja of Bhupesh’s bike. Sanju emotionally blackmails Sanjana. She asks him to sit, enough of drama, I will drop you. He thinks I got lottery. Chedi comes and sits between them. Sanju sees Chedi’s face. Sanjana asks settled? Chedi says well settled.

Mummy asks Bhupesh to take her out on bike. Bhupesh says no, bike will get damaged. Kashmira gives best wishes to Bhupesh and hugs him. Sanju and Chedi argue on the way. Ramwati calls Chedi. Chedi asks Sanju to go away, its personal call. Sanju asks him to jump on road. Chedi wears goggles. Sanju greets him.

Chedi answers call. Mummy says Bhupesh bought new bike, take me on long drive on it. Chedi says I will come, you have to sit well. Bhupesh cleans his bike. Khiloni sees the bike. He jokes.

Khiloni drops icecream. Bhupesh beats him up. Chedi jokes on Sanju. They argue. Bhupesh asks Kashmira to take him to doctor, mummy was eating sweets, when I snatched box, she has bitten my hand. Kashmira slaps him. Sanju comes home. He asks why sweets, did you get your dad. Bhupesh says you will get heart attack hearing about my happiness.

Sanju slaps him many times. Kashmira slaps Sanju. Sanjana calls him and asks him to take her on long drive. He says I don’t have bike. She says fine, leave it. He says think I have arranged bike, just be ready, we will go on long drive. Sanju imagines going on long drive with Sanjana. He holds Bhupesh. Bhupesh asks Kashmira to save him. Kashmira asks Sanju to leave Bhupesh.

Khiloni gets angry as Bhupesh has beaten him. He drinks wine. Bhupesh talks to his bike. Sanju calls Khiloni and says I have to take madam on long drive. Khiloni says I will get ready and come. Sanju asks him to be in his standard, madam wants to go with me, her bike got damaged, she asked me to get bike, arrange a bike, why are you crying. Khiloni says you got the bike, and describes Bhupesh’s bike. Sanju says I don’t know driving well, if dent happens. Khiloni says don’t take tension, no problem, put many dents. Sanju asks whose bike is it. Khiloni says think its family’s bike, you use the bike rough. Sanju says you are my best friend. Khiloni says anything for you.

Sanju says long drive with madam and gets glad. He takes Bhupesh’s bike and reaches Sanjana’s house. Sanjana says wow, brand new bike. They sit on the bike. He asks shall I hold you, I may fall down. She says fine, hold the carrier behind bike for support, I ride bike well, don’t worry.

Sanjana and Sanju are on the way. They eat icecream. Sanju sings Chand se meri mehbooba…… Sanjana says the bike is not here. Sanju gets shocked.

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