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May I Come in Madam 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju coming office. He sees the board and asks who fixed this. Liftman says Sanjana. Sanjana comes and reads royals and dogs not allowed in this lift, there is special arrangements for royals, that’s the stairs. He asks is there any other way. She says no, I have no budget to make special royal lift for you, you can leave job. He says no, its fine. He goes by stairs. Bhupesh and Chedi also trouble him. Sanju asks Chedi to get tea for him and sends. Chedi comes with tea and drinks with Bhupesh. Sanju asks for tea. Chedi says its for poor man. Sanju asks him to give tea. Chedi says your highness, how can we forget our standard. Bhupesh asks Chedi to drink fast. Sanju asks Chedi to make good tea. Chedi says we have to royal kitchen here. Sanju calls Sanjana. He calls her in his cabin. She says sorry I m busy and ends call.

Sanjana says Sanju is royal, but he troubled a lot. Chedi says yes, but we have to bear him. Sanju comes. She signs Chedi and says I got to know we also belong to royal family. Chedi acts. Sanju hears them. Chedi says I also felt we are from royal family, so I wanted to take proposal to Sanju’s house.

Sanju thinks madam will become my queen now. Sanjana says its written, Sanju’s ancestors killed our ancestors to get our province, this is crazy, I can tolerate anything, but not cheat, we will take revenge, blood for blood, cheat for cheat. Chedi says it means we will kill him by cheat. Sanju worries and says I did not do anything, they will kill me. He runs.

She sees Sanju gone and asks Chedi to relax. Sanju packs bags and tells everything to Bhupesh. He says I have no state, I just have blood. Bhupesh says I m with you. Sanju asks will you support me. Bhupesh says no, once you get beaten up, I will take you to hospital. Sanju scolds him and says I will see you later. Bhupesh asks where will you hide. Sanju runs.

He comes back. Sanjana and Chedi come to take revenge. Chedi says you cheated us. Bhupesh asks what did you do. Sanju asks Bhupesh to shut up. He asks Sanjana to forget old enmity and make new relations. Chedi says fine, Ramwati will stay in our state. Sanjana says we want revenge. Sanju says change thinking. Sanjana says no. Bhupesh opens the door. Sanju runs in office. He hides in bathroom. Chedi asks him to open door. Sanju refuses.

Sanjana says you have to get beaten up. Sanju thinks how to leave. Sanjana and Chedi laugh.
Sanju runs home. Kashmira asks why are you so tensed. Mummy asks what happened. He asks Kashmira to save him.

He tells everything. Sanju says I have no royal blood. Chedi and Sanjana come there. Sanju hides. Chedi sees Ramwati and sings. Sanju says I m not from any royal family. Sanjana says you broke relations with family in fear. He says I have normal blood, there is nothing extraordinary, I m getting dizzy.

Sanjana says relax, we also don’t belong to any royal family, we were troubled by your drama and added this drama. Sanju asks what, you lied to me, I will bear this joke. Sanjana gets Lalwani’s call. Lalwani says family tree app had virus, I have put Sanju’s info again, I got to know his ancestors. Sanjana thanks him. Sanju asks what did Lalwani say. She says the app had fault and did not work well, which means Sanju does not belong to any royal family, in fact he belongs to beggars family. They laugh.

Sanju gets sad and goes to meet Khiloni. He says I m not from royal family, Lalwani made app fine, I m from beggars family, sorry, come here and drink, slap me, I won’t say anything. Khiloni does not slap and says you are my brother, come hug. Sanju thanks him. Khiloni then slaps him. Sanju scolds him.


May I Come in Madam 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kashmira asks Sanju to try a tie. She asks what’s this hair. He asks how did she see the hair from far.

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