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May I Come in Madam 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update and May I Come in Madam 11th April 2017 video watch online HD on

The Episode starts with everyone asking Sanju to sing a song. Kashmira gets the electronic piano. Sanju sits sad and sings Abhi mujh mein kahin….. Sanjana and Khiloni dance. Chedi and mummy dance. Sanju cries. Khiloni shows the ring to Sanjana and makes her wear it. Sanju shouts no, and wakes up from sleep. He sees the time. He says its morning dream, it can turn true, do something to stop this from turning to reality.

Sanju goes office. He thinks how to tell Sanjana. He calls Chedi. Chedi asks shall I get tea or coffee. Sanju asks him to take bold decision today. Chedi asks shall I ask Julie for date. Sanju complains about Chedi. He asks him to call boss. Chedi wears goggles. Sanju says Khiloni is drunkard. Chedi says yes, he is not right for Sanjana. Sanju gets Sanjana’s call and says madam called me. He goes to Sanjana.

Sanju gets shocked seeing Khiloni sitting on her chair. Sanjana asks Sanju to click their pics, Khiloni and I will give romantic poses. She sits in Khiloni’s lap. Sanju clicks their pics and feels sad. Chedi comes there and clicks the pic. He says nice pose. Sanju signs Chedi. Chedi says this is office, not a lovers spot. Sanjana says we are young, we are enjoying life. Chedi sends her out. Chedi slaps Khiloni. Sanju smiles. Chedi asks Khiloni to get out of Sanjana’s life. He asks him to fill any amount in cheque. Khiloni says I can’t forget my love, costly medicines can help, I will write one crore. Sanju says Chedi is peon, how will he get so much money.

Chedi says yes, pity on me cut 5 zeroes. Khiloni says fine, happy. He says this is 10rs cheque. Chedi says don’t go bank, I have cash. He gives 10rs. Khiloni does not accept and goes.

Its morning, Sanjana and Khiloni jog. She praises him. She goes for one more round. Sanju comes there in disguise and beats up Khiloni. He says I love this heroine, I come here to see her, I saw you with her, you look a lizard. He beats more. Khiloni asks what do you want, we will sit and talk. Sanju beats him.

Sanjana comes and saves Khiloni. She shouts for help and asks them to beat Sanju. Sanju gets beaten up. Its night, Sanju sits drinking. Khiloni joins him. Khiloni says I know you are annoyed, I know it was you who have beaten me, apply this ointment on your wounds. Sanju hugs him and cries. He says forgive me, love is not prasad that everyone get it, its lottery which lucky people get, if madam loves you, I don’t have right to come in between, I will take your shagun to madam and fix the relation. He sadly comes home.

Kashmira asks are you fine. Sanju says yes, and hugs Bhupesh. He says I will live a simple life, you all are my real family. Its morning, Sanju goes to Sanjana with shagun. She says wow, it means you are going to fix Bhupesh’s relation. He says no, Khiloni is like my brother, its that shagun for you. She says how dare you, how did you think I will marry Khiloni. He says you said you will marry Chedi.

She says I had bet with Riya to make anyone mad in my love in a week’s time. Sanju says what, I was there to act. She says the condition was person should be bad looking, so Khiloni, it was tough and torturing to bear him, I did not see such man. Sanju smiles and says don’t take tension, I will beat him, he snatched my love and my life. She asks how’s that.

He says my profession is my love and life, you got busy with him, all work was pending, I will go and end that. He dances and goes. Khiloni comes office and meets him. Sanju fools him that relation got fixed, you go and meet madam. Khiloni gets glad. He goes to Sanjana. She beats him up. Sanju smiles.

Sanju comes home. He gets a gift for Bhupesh. Kashmira says you are in good mood. Bhupesh likes the shoes. Sanju acts sweet. Kashmira goes to make tea. Sanju and Bhupesh argue. Sanju beats Bhupesh with shoes. Kashmira stops him. Dadi comes and scolds Sanju. She beats Sanju.


May I Come in Madam 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sanjana asks Sanju to hold the bags. He asks is your shopping over. She says no, I have to buy a lot. He thinks did I do mistake giving my credit card to her.

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