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May I Come in Madam 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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May I Come in Madam 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana asking Chedi why did he give up so soon, I had a bet with Sanju, I have to take him for lunch now. Sanju jokes. Chedi asks him to have a bet with him. Sanju apologizes. Chedi asks him to collect earrings from the shop. Sanjana and Sanju come for lunch. Someone flashes light on her face. He sees the bald man. She bets and asks him to hit on bald man’s head. Sanju agrees. He goes and hits the bald man. He says sorry you are not my friend. He apologizes. Sanjana asks him to do it again.

Sanju goes and hits again, saying you are fooling me Sanjay. The man says no, who are you. Sanju says sorry and comes. The man changes the table. Sanjana says let’s make it tougher, go and do it again. Sanju says fine, we will do this again. Sanju hits him and says you are here, I was beating someone else. The man says its me only. Sanju says sorry, I got confused. The man leaves. Sanjana laughs and says I can’t believe this.

Mummy and Chedi are in the park. She asks him why did he not come yesterday. He makes a story and flirts. He says we will bet and eye stare, one who loses will kiss the other one. She agrees. They sit staring. He drops a note and makes her lose. He laughs. She kisses him. He says I can kiss you without touch. She says this can’t happen. He kisses her and says its fun to lose.

Sanjana likes the jewelry. She says I just love gold. Sanju imagines himself as gold. He shouts. Sanjana asks what happened, we came here to take earrings. Jeweler helps them and gets earrings. He says I have taken money from Chedi. Jeweler slaps his man and sends him to work. Sanju says this man is so mean. Sanjana says this man should get punished, you get money from this miser man, lets’ bet. He agrees. Someone hears them.

Uncle comes home. He asks for mummy. Kashmira says she went to beauty parlor. Bhupesh hugs uncle. She asks uncle to sit. Bhupesh asks Sanju to come and meet uncle. He tells what Sanju did with him in office. Sanju comes and greets uncle.

Sanju taunts Bhupesh. Uncle fools Sanju and makes him remove his pant. Bhupesh claps and says uncle took revenge of my insult. Kashmira comes and asks what happened. Sanju says nothing, I did this for Bhupesh. She slaps Bhupesh.

Chedi likes the earrings. Sanju and Khiloni come there. Chedi cracks a joke and goes. Sanju says Khiloni will be with us in the plan. Sanjana asks Khiloni to note down. They write the note to jeweler. He asks Khiloni to write extortion letter, not leave letter. He tells Khiloni that to write. Sanjana too add threatening lines. She says we should write some name too. Sanju asks Khiloni to put his name, black cobra. She says that works. She reads the letter. Sanju asks is this not too much. Sanjana says no, its much fun.


May I Come in Madam 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sanju and Sanjana see the news of jeweler’s murder. Uncle comes and shoots Sanju.