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May I Come in Madam 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Sanjana coming office. Sanju meets her. He sings Laal chadi….. and dances in his imagination. She asks what happened. He says I was wishing you get credit card soon or my card’s balance does not end. She thanks him and says I will not return money, else you will say how did money come in between. He says right. She says I was thinking why don’t we go on a holiday, you helped me a lot. He says excellent thought. She asks him to get back to work. He collides with people in hurry and gets inside lift.

Chedi throws a party at home. Mummy gets much happy. Chedi flirts with her. He slaps Bhupesh for interfering. Chedi gifts her lollypop. Sanjana compliments Sanju. Sanju asks Kashmira to see decorations. He asks Sanjana to come and have a drink. Sanjana tells bout Sanju, he can’t see anyone in trouble. He asks her to stop it. Chedi asks DJ to play music. He dances with Ramvati in Ishq wala love. Sanju, Kashmira, Bhupesh, Sanjana also dance. Sanju does not get a chance to dance with Sanjana. Chedi flirts with Ramvati. Bhupesh hears them.

Sanjana says I applied for credit card and it did nt come, Sanju gave me his credit card, thanks to him, I could buy this dress, he said credit card is made for women. Kashmira gets angry and looks at Sanju. Sanju worries. He says I will explain. She says fine, explain well. He says I wanted to explain how women exploit the credit card, so I gave it to madam, she is my boss, how can I tell her. She checks the bill. Sanjana says I know Sanju will be shy to say, I would just like to say, I will be repaying back the money. Sanju says but…. Kashmira says so nice of you Sanjana. Sanjana says the holiday is still on. Sanju smiles. Kashmira asks what holiday was she saying about, why are you smiling, tell me truth.

Its morning, Bhupesh talks to his teddy. Sanju comes there. He jokes on teddy. Sanju argues with him. Kashmira says Bhupesh has no friend, you have no time to talk to him. Sanju slaps Bhupesh. Bhupesh goes. Sanju says I will get a friend for Bhupesh. She asks him to get a friend any way. He calls her foolish.

Sanjana comes office. She gives sun glassses to Chedi. Chedi thanks her. She asks him to be careful with the glasses. He says don’t worry, I will keep it as my love story. A man collides with Chedi. Glasses fly in air. Chedi catches it and scolds the man. The man argues. Sanjana asks him to say sorry. The man scolds Chedi. Sanjana slaps him. Chedi beats the man. Sanju comes office and gets shocked. He also beats the man. The man runs. Sanju asks will you tease the beautiful girl. Sanjana says he did not tease me. Chedi says he teased me. Sanju looks at him and says what’s happening to people’s taste these days, no manners, why are you angry, Chedi also teased people. She says Chedi is my father, how can I bear if anyone misbehaves with my dad, I get angry, I love the person who treats my dad well. He asks really, I would have beaten him more. Sanju thinks its right chance to give love to Chedi and get love from Sanjana.

Bhupesh calls Chedi and asks him to get tea, don’t add milk, sugar and tea powder. Chedi says then it will be water. Bhupesh says yes, get water. Sanju scolds Bhupesh for talking to Chedi badly. Bhupesh says I will talk badly, who will stop me. Sanju says I will stop you and slaps Bhupesh. Chedi wears goggles and defends Bhupesh. He asks Sanju not to beat Bhupesh. Chedi asks Sanju not to beat Bhupesh again, Chedi will get lazy if you praise him. Sanju says I understood. Chedi removes goggles and cries. He says I heard what boss told about me, I will get water.

Chedi tells Sanjana that Bua found a nice proposal for you. She says marriage is nonsense in my sight. He asks how will you stay alone. She asks him not to talk on this topic. Sanju comes and takes Chedi’s side. Chedi asks who said I m your friend. She asks who are you to talk between us. Sanju says I m your well wisher. She says Chedi was forcing me to get married, I hate it. Sanju says you are wrong, you should not force her for marriage, I m with you in other things. Chedi asks did I ask your support. Sanju says no, I respect you. Chedi asks don’t you respect Sanjana. Sanju says I did not say that. Sanjana asks him to say the truth. Sanju says I have work. She asks him to get out.

Sanjana says you have all qualities of a true friend. Chedi feels proud to get a friend like Sanju, and hugs him.

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