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May I Come in Madam 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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May I Come in Madam  14th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with the blackmailer making plan to rob jeweler. He dances with the girl. Sanju, Sanjana and Khiloni see the jeweler coming to the shop. Sanjana holds Sanju’s hand and says I m very nervous. Sanju gets glad. He says I have sent the letter, he would have got it. Khiloni says he is much worried for less money. Sanju thinks why is jeweler taking such a big bag for less money.

Chedi comes home to take mummy out. She says my brother has come home, I can’t come, my brother plays dhol. He bets if he sends Kashmira and her brother out, he will give her kisses. Her brother says I m going out for work, who is he. Mummy says he is Sanju’s boss Chedi ji. Uncle says I m Satbir, why did you wear peon dress. Chedi says I m peon also. Satbir goes. Chedi says send Kashmira also.

Mummy calls Kashmira and asks her to go out. Kashmira says I will cook food for Chedi. Mummy asks her to go and get the vegetables. Kashmira goes. Chedi shuts door and romances. He sings kya khoob lagti ho…..

Sanjana, Sanju and Khiloni see the jeweler throwing the bag in bin and leaving. Khiloni asks is he mad. Sanjana says he has thrown money. Sanju asks Khiloni to get bag and jokes. Blackmailer looks on and smiles.

Its morning, Sanjana comes to Sanju’s house. Kashmira asks her to sit and goes to get tea. Sanjana asks him to see news fast, jeweler got murdered. He gets shocked seeing the news. Sanju says he is Kashmira’s uncle. Satbir says I was called here to handle this case. Sanju says he is catch us. Satbir comes and shoots him. Sanjana shoots Satbir and runs. Sanju shouts you run. She asks what. He says I was making my fear run. She asks what will we do now. He says Satbir will do it now. Satbir comes home. Sanju introduces Sanjana. Satbir says you came here early morning, either you have good news or did something, you look tensed. She says nothing.

Satbir says don’t worry, I will catch black cobra soon, we got extortion letter from Girdhari’s pocket. Sanjana talks to them and goes. Mummy jokes on Sanju. Sanju asks her not to say anything, else Satbir will doubt on him. He goes. Satbir asks about Sanju’s character, this time if he gets caught, it will be his encounter.

Sanju comes to Sanjana. She asks him about the bag. Sanju says Khiloni is poor, he will come. Khiloni gets the bag. They argue. She says this moneys is evidence, we can get caught, we should give it it some NGO. She asks them to hide the money first. Khiloni says its 50 lakhs. Sanjana says we can’t donate so much money. Khiloni says I will go on world tour. Sanju slaps him. She asks Khiloni to shut up. She says we should tell Satbir that we were playing a prank and we are not responsible for this, its not our mistake. Sanju agrees to apologizes to Satbir.


May I Come in Madam  15th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sanju talks to Satbir and gets worried. Satbir says I got a clue against black cobra. Sanju asks what clue.