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May I Come in Madam 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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May I Come in Madam 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana and Khiloni saying we will say sorry to uncle. Sanju says no need, he will forgive me, I m his son in law. Satbir says no, its a crime, what if he is relative. They hear him. Satbir ends call and asks what happened. Sanju asks the matter. Satbir says people do crimes and say its a joke. They lie about the bag and leave.

Sanjana says we should find some place to dump this bag. Khilonu says I know the place. Sanju makes fun of him. Inspector comes and asks them to accept crime, else he will arrest all of them. Khiloni says my crime is Sanju is my friend. Sanjana says I came to discuss meeting with Sanju, I will handle meeting alone, inspector is arrested Sanju, I understand. Inspector stops them and asks them to show bag. Sanju lies. Chedi and mummy come. They laugh. Chedi says inspector scared them, I had a bet with him. Sanju jokes on mummy. Sanjana asks does anyone scare someone like this, ridiculous. Khiloni asks what if I got heart attack. Sanjana and Chedi leave.

Sanju and Satbir drink. Sanju thinks to make him drunk and know case details. He asks what if you miss black cobra. Satbir says no, I got a clue about him, I always solve cases in 2 days, I never did mistake, every type writer has speciality, I will find it easily, but some more wine, I will go washroom and come. Sanju worries.

He calls Khiloni and says Satbir got the clue. Khiloni asks him not to worry. Its morning, Sanju attends meeting. Lalwani says I made such product that will erase criminals. Bhupesh talks silly. Sanjana asks Lalwani to say more. Lalwani says my product works as police, if anyone keeps hand on this machine, if he did any crime, light will come. Cherry laughs and goes. Sanju jokes on Lalwani. Lalwani asks him to keep hand. Machine beeps. Lalwani says it means you did crime. Sanju says no, your machine is damaged. Lalwani says this can’t happen, madam does not do crime, if she keeps hand, light won’t glow. Sanjana keeps hand. Machine beeps.

Lalwani asks what crime did you do. Sanjana says this product is not working, take it. Lalwani says sorry, I will go. He goes. Sanju says Lalwani got a good product and we rejected him, we will be caught. She asks him not to worry. Satbir sees Kashmira practicing typing. Sanju comes home and screams seeing her. Satbir asks why did you scream. Sanju says by happiness, I always asked her to practice typing. He asks her to make tea. Satbir says no, type something and show. She asks him to say. He tells the headline. Sanju thinks to change words. He changes words. She types and gives him.

Satbir checks the extortion letter and asks Kashmira about the typewriter. She says I got this from Khiloni. He says I will arrest Khiloni and make him say truth. She scolds Sanju. Sanju says I will get sweets and come. Satbir goes to Khiloni and scolds him. He arrests him. Khiloni says no, Sanju has done all this. He tells everyone. Sanju tells Sanjana and says we have to go on holiday, Satbir got to know truth. He tells everything. She asks how could you be careless. He says I told Khiloni, but he keeps junk.


May I Come in Madam 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sanjana asks you think we can do crime. Satbir says Khiloni gave the statement, that Sanju is the real black cobra.