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May I Come in Madam 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju coming to Sanjana and saying Kashmira has kicked him out of home. She says I will call her and explain. He says no, I will lose chance to explain her face is not everything, she will get embarrassed knowing you supported me in such time. She says I feel so sorry for you, did you eat anything. He says no. He sings a sad song. She asks him to come and have food. He thinks if madam feeds him family, he will spoil his face forever. Cherry comes and asks what are you doing. She says you must be kind, I was feeding Sanju. He says fine, I m going out, I may get late. Sanju smiles.

Sanjana asks Cherry to come here, the beggar is right here, take a selfie. Sanju says I won’t look beggar. She spoils his hair and asks him to get inside character. Cherry praises her. Cherry takes selfie with Sanju. Sanju thinks she can make him certified beggar.

Sanju comes near home and meets Khiloni. He argues and says my house door got locked for me. Khiloni asks him to get his face fine, make some excuse to Kashmira. Inspector comes there. Sanju says traffic constable is after Khiloni. Inspector says constable is in coma, he got hit in morning. Sanju says its good news as he just slipped in coma. Inspector goes. Sanju says now these wrong things are not needed. Sanjana and Kashmira come out and see Sanju fine. Sanjana says I came to convince Kashmira to take you inside home, what’s all this, what do you get by this drama. Kashmira asks him to say. Sanju says I did this to test you two, you both failed, I wanted to see you love person’s face or nature, Kashmira made me out of home and Sanjana made fun of me. Constable and inspector come. Constable says so you have hit me and run. Sanju gets shocked. Inspector says someone gave me wrong news, he is fine. Khiloni says I just drive cycle. Constable slaps him. Khiloni runs.

Kashmira asks Sanju the matter. Sanju says inspector wants my statement, go. Sanjana and Kashmira leave. Constable says we will start antakshiri. Sanju screams.


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Kashmira calls mummy and says mummy did not come home, she went for watching movie with Chedi. Sanju says don’t worry, she will come. She says maybe Chedi has run away with her. He says Chedi is not so foolish. Bhupesh comes. Kashmira asks him about mummy. Chedi and mummy come home. Sanju scolds him for getting mummy back. Chedi says our car damaged in jungle. Sanju argues. Chedi tells the story of bear. Sanju taunts mummy. Chedi says we had to sleep in car all night. Kashmira says you should have called. Chedi says balance was over. Sanju asks him to leave. Chedi goes. Sanju goes to get ready. Bhupesh asks mummy to change. Mummy slaps him. Kashmira says this did not happen right.

Mummy says yes, Chedi did not do anything to make bear run away. Sanju works in office. Lalwani comes and asks for Sanjana. Sanju says she would be coming late. Lalwani tells about the product. Sanjana comes and hears them. Lalwani shows the deo and says if a man applies this, girls will forget senses and run after him. Sanju says it sounds good, does it work or not. Lalwani says it works, I tested it on me, my wife got stuck to me. Sanju thinks to apply the deo and go to madam. He says great, leave this deo here, I will give it to madam and prepare its jingle. Lalwani applies deo. He says I will get someone on the way, make ad soon. Sanju asks him not to worry. Lalwani goes.

Mummy says Chedi and I enjoy, you and Sanju have no romance. Kashmira says no, we still have fire. Mummy asks why is there no smoke now. Kashmira asks what do you mean. Mummy says you forgot to use your beauty. Mummy tells Kashmira about her dad.


May I Come in Madam 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Sanju comes to Sanjana. Sanjana runs to him and disappears. She says I got inside you. He gets shocked.

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