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May I Come in Madam 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju coming to Sanjana’s house and asking Chedi for her. Chedi says she is getting ready, stand here. Sanju says sorry, I m getting late. Chedi says I did not get ready, what will you do. Sanjana says wait, I m finding my lipstick. Sanju asks her to leave it. She asks what is your problem, can I decide, don’t irritate me, I won’t go out without lipstick. Sanju says girls take much time. Chedi asks him to stop nonsense. Sanju says sorry, give me car keys, I will get it from parking.

Chedi shows the keys and says I gave automatic car to him. Sanju goes. Chedi asks Sanjana to drive the car herself. Sanjana drives. Sanju asks her to check files. She asks him to manage work. He says Chetan has done mistake, see, I corrected this. Sanjana says thank God, you are paying attention to company accounts. He says this was my duty. He shows another file. She asks him to keep file away, she is driving. She hits someone. He says I think you have hit someone. They see inspector Rampath hit. Rampath asks Sanju why did he do this. Sanju says Sanjana did this. She says it was his fault, who said him to keep file in front of my eyes. Inspector arrests her.

Later, Sanjana comes office. She scolds Sanju. He shows her files and asks her to sign. Bhupesh and Chetan come and greet her. They show their work. Sanjana angrily asks them to get out. They go. Sanju says you did right, they should not dream of going America. She asks him to get out now. Sanju calls Khiloni and says I have great news, best employee will travel with madam, I m working hard. Khiloni says I m with my GF at Las Vegas. Sanju asks what, how can you go there. Khiloni is at Las Vegas restaurant. Sanju scolds him and ends call.

Sanju comes to Sanjana and gives files. She apologizes to him. He says its okay, I completed all file, I m sincere employee. She says that’s why I decided, you will come with me to Las Vegas, now work by taking time, we will go soon. She jokes. He imagines weird things and shouts lights. She asks what lights, lights are on. He makes excuses. He boasts of his swimming skills. She asks him to show his swimming strokes. He lies on table and does swimming. She asks him to swim faster as if shark is after him. He thinks to imagine Kashmira. He gets tired. She says you are a decent swimmer, get down now. She asks him to go.

Mummy meets jeweler and asks for money. Sanju comes home and asks jeweler to leave. Mummy says I m selling jewelry to go Las Vegas. Sanju asks her to have shame. Mummy scares him of Dadi.

Sanju and sanjana are on the way. He says I will get mad reaching Las Vegas. She says I m sure you will get mad. He smiles. He sings zindagi ek safar….. She says we reached Las Vegas. He says you are very funny. She asks him to look around. He sees the Las Vegas restaurant and gets shocked. He asks did you talk about this Las Vegas. She says yes, what did you think, I was talking about America’s Las Vegas, get my laptop, come. Kashmira calls Sanju and asks where is he, they are in flight. He gets upset. Sanjana asks Sanju to come fast. Kashmira sees Sanju. He waves to her.


May I Come in Madam 22th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sanjana says I will make confession box in office, I can share my heart without anyone hearing it.

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