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May I Come in Madam 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Sanju worrying about blackmailer. He switches off his phone. Chedi asks him why did he switch off phone. Sanju says its my phone, why do you care. Chedi says I call you to ask about tea and coffee, my time gets saved. Sanju scolds him. Chedi wears goggles and turns to boss. Sanju greets him. Chedi asks him to keep phone on always. Sanju switches on the phone and sends Chedi.

The man calls Sanju and scolds him for switching off phone. He threatens Sanju. Sanju says no, tell me what to do. The man tells him. Sanju gets shocked. He goes to Sanjana and drinks wine. She scolds him and calms down.

She calls Chedi to her cabin. Chedi asks what happened. She shows him Sanju. Chedi sees the wine. He wears goggles and scolds Sanju. Sanju says I was taking Sanjana’s

test, can she control or not seeing wine, congrats you passed. She asks him to get lost. Chedi says I will not leave Sanju and takes him. Sanju gets beaten up and screams.
The women come to meet Bhupesh and everyone again. The girl’s sister eyes Sanju and flirts. The girl clears the matter. Bhupesh says this house is lucky for your sister. Kashmira laughs and scolds Bhupesh to get quiet. Sanju asks shall we think this relation is fixed. The lady says sorry, I m thinking, why did Sanju kiss me. Kashmira says it was Sanju’s tradition. Sanju says yes, when marriage happens, the man kisses the lady on cheek, you were eating samosa, so I slipped, sorry, forget this. The lady blushes. Kashmira says don’t worry, Sanju won’t make this mistake again. Bhupesh says Kashmira will beat Sanju. Sanju imagines and makes Bhupesh bald in anger. He laughs aloud. Kashmira asks did you go mad.

The girl asks is there any other rasam. Kashmira says no. Sanju gets blackmailer’s call. The man asks her to lift anyone in front of him and take to bedroom. Sanju sees the lady and says you can’t blackmail me for a pic. The man says fine, I will make big hoarding of that pic. Sanju agrees to him. He lifts the lady and takes her to bedroom. Bhupesh asks him to stop. The lady says he is doing rasam, don’t take in between. Mummy asks Kashmira what is Sanju doing. Bhupesh says stop Sanju. Kashmira faints. Bhupesh cries.

Sanju sits drinking with Khiloni. Sanjana comes there drunk. Sanju asks what about simple living. She says leave that simple living. Sanju imagines romancing with her. Khiloni slaps him and asks him to behave himself. Sanju scolds him. Khilloni says you kissed madam’s pic, if anyone clicked pic and blackmailing you, you are getting angry on me, its good. Sanju slaps him. Khiloni says you got annoyed.

Blackmailer calls Sanju. Sanju says I m drinking wine with a friend. The man says throw peg on his face. Sanju says no, our friendship will break. The man threatens. Sanju agrees. Khiloni asks what did he ask you to do this time. Sanju throws wine on his face. Khiloni gets shocked. He asks did he say to do this. Sanju says sorry. Khiloni says fine.

Its morning, Sanju says Kashmira made this gourd dish again. Bhupesh likes chicken dish and jokes on Sanju. Blackmailer calls Sanju. Sanjana asks Chedi to have veg food. He says I can’t. She asks him to have light food, its amazing, have a bit. Chedi agrees.

Sanju answers call and says I m having lunch, call later. The man threatens him. He asks Sanju to feed non veg to Sanjana. Sanju says no, she eats veg food. The man says courier will reach your home. Sanju says fine, I will do. He goes to Bhupesh and runs with tandoori. Chedi says its okay, but chicken legpiece in it would be good. Sanju comes there with tandoori in hand. Sanjana and Chedi see Sanju.

The man asks Sanju to scare everyone. Sanju gets a knife. He runs after everyone with a knife in hand.

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