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May I Come in Madam 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update and May I Come in Madam 20th February 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Kashmira reading horoscope. He gets Bobby uncle’s call. He answers the call. Bobby says I m coming your home. Sanju asks him to come. He ends call and tells Kashmira that Bobby is coming. She says no, tell them we left city. He says I can’t lie, he is my uncle. She reminds of his old lie. She says I will not become wife this time. He says he asked me to marry you. I will tell him I gave divorce to madam, don’t take tension, say some english like him. She goes. He says Bobby has become boomerang to come back again.

Sanju goes office and greets Sanjana. She gets angry on him for coming late. He gets chaat dish for her. She gets glad and eats the dish. She thanks him and asks him to ask anything. He asks her to feed the chaat to him. She feeds him. He gets glad in his imagination. He says Bobby uncle is coming. She says no, I won’t become your wife. He says this time you have to become ex wife, just come and greet him, then leave, I told him I gave you divorce. She says now I have to meet uncle and clear that I gave you divorce, what will he think that you gave me divorce, when is he coming. He says tonight. She says fine, get out, let me enjoy the dish. He goes.

Bobby uncle comes home and calls out Sanju. Sanju hugs him. Bobby asks about his brand new wife. Sanju says she is there, come meet her. Bobby keeps an apple there. Kashmira greets Bobby. Bobby says you have become bahu now, call me uncle. Bobby gets impressed and says Kashmira is better than Sanjana, she was always into books. Sanju says no, she has different qualities, but not like Kashmira. Bobby says I want to get grandchild, I got a prasad, its an apple, when Kashmira eats apple, the grandchild will come fast. He asks Kashmira to eat apple. She asks where is the apple. She says she says good english.

Sanjana comes home and sees the apple. Bhupesh exercises. She asks him for Kashmira. He says Bobby has come, Kashmira is talking to him. She worries and says I need some energy. She eats the apple. Bobby, Sanju and Kashmira come there. They see Sanjana eating apple and scream. Sanjana asks what’s wrong. Bobby says you did disaster eating apple, its not mango. Sanjana says I know its not mango. Sanju says yes, its prasad, any lady can get pregnant eating it. Bobby says you should have asked before eating. Sanjana says what nonsense, I don’t believe in all this. Sanjana gets a vomit. Sanju and everyone worry. Sanjana asks Kashmira to get pickles. Kashmira shouts no. Sanjana asks what happened. Sanju says you got pregnant and showing symptoms. Sanjana calls him mad.

Bobby says I m saying true. Sanjana says I feel unwell, I m going. She goes. Kashmira cries and goes. Bhupesh asks for one more apple. Bobby asks why, will you eat it, its special prasad. Sanju explains Kashmira not to worry, he will give her a child. Chedi calls Sanju and scolds him. Sanju says I will go and meet Khiloni. Kashmira argues.

Sanju meets Khiloni and tells the problem. Khiloni says its fine. Khiloni says we will take madam out of this problem. Chedi comes to Sanju’s house in drunken state. He says Sanjana is my only daughter, did you not get anyone else, she will become unwedded mother. Sanju says I don’t believe this, Sanjana called doctor at office, everything will get fine. Chedi scolds him and goes.


May I Come in Madam 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Dadi slaps Sanju. Sanju says don’t do anything to Bobby. Dadi beats him. Bobby asks why are you shouting. Dadi says explain him.

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