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May I Come in Madam 20th March 2017 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 20th March 2017 Written Episode Update and May I Come in Madam 20th March 2017 video watch online HD on

In today’s episode of May I Come in Madam you will watchKashmira asks Sanju to wear belt. He refuses. Dadi beats him. anjana asks Sanju how will he date her. .Stay tune with us for more written updates.

The Episode starts with Sanju hearing Kashmira’s secret. He says now I will not wear belt. Its morning, Sanju asks Kashmira to give breakfast. She asks why did he not wear the belt. He says I don’t like it, there are many problems. She gets the belt. He says I won’t wear this and makes excuses. She insists and says I got this by love. He says you got this by doubt, do you think I m mad, I heard everything, you have put chip in belt, how did you get such mind. He refuses.

Dadi comes and beats Sanju. He says I will wear belt, don’t beat me. Dadi goes. Kashmira asks him to have belt. He says Dadi has come. She says have breakfast. He says I won’t have breakfast.

Sanju comes office. Sanjana reminds how he made her leave wine. She says I was thinking, why don’t I drink a bit today. He asks why. She says I want you to be comfortable. He says I m comfortable. He drinks wine. She holds him and asks him to say something about her now. He runs to vomit. His imagination ends. She says stop it, you did not touch wine. She says actually, I had something bad in breakfast. They drink.

Kashmira looks at the box. She thinks Sanju is gone if lights glows today. Sanjana says I was thinking, we take small break from work, why don’t we go our farmhouse and do swimming. He says sure. She asks how will you date me. He thinks if I tell romantic idea, belt siren will ring, I will remove belt before it. He says I will just say and removes belt. She runs. He says why did she run, she will get wrong meaning. He wears belt back. Kashmira sees lights and calls Sanju. She asks did you try to remove belt. Sanju says no, I went to washroom, shall I not remove there also. She says no need to remove belt, come home on time.

Sanju meets Khiloni. He asks did you go to buy belt or make it. Khiloni says I made same belt. Sanju says how to wear it. Khiloni says someone else has to wear it. Sanju calls him sharp. Khiloni says I will wear your belt. Sanju says we will change pant and belt now itself. Inspector passes by and hears them. Inspector beats them up. He asks Sanju to decide, will he go oil or massage him.

Its morning, Sanjana is stopped by constable. He asks her to show license. She says I m not in hurry, my office is close. He asks why did you jump red light, you are literate. She makes excuse. She uses her charming smile. He says anyone’s heart can melt seeing lovely smile, go.

Sanju comes office. He gets his swimming costume and asks her to make similar bikini, when are we going on date. She asks how dare you think so. He says you told me yesterday, I can do anything for you. She says enough, I will show you my unseen side today. He imagines weird things. She shouts get out. He goes. She gets Riya’s call. She says my charm got back, same cop left me by seeing my lovely smile, I tried all this on Sanju. Riya says I feel he is cheap. Sanju says no, he is cute.

Sanju calls Khiloni. He asks did you wear that belt. Khiloni says yes. Sanju says don’t remove it, Kashmira will know it. He says just see some cheap movies, see how I get free of this belt. Sanju shows the belt to mummy and sits reading magazine. Kashmira gets the siren and says Sanju is at home, how did red light glow, did Sanjana come. Sanju says no. She asks is Sanjana before you. He says mummy is in front of me. Come and see. Kashmira goes and checks.

Sanju says your belt is bad, I m hungry and siren has run. Kashmira says belt got bad, I will throw it on salesman.

May I Come in Madam 21st March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kashmira asks for money to run her business. Sanju refuses. Sanjana asks Sanju for money.

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