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May I Come in Madam 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update

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May I Come in Madam 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with doctor asking how is your friend alive, its a miracle. Sanjana says she was dancing, she is fine. He says if we find out the reason of her life, we can do research, I want her blood, hair, DNA and everything, I want her, get her here, tell her i can give her 50 lakhs to her. Sanjana says fine, I have to talk to her husband first. He says I will take my medicines till now, I have to be alive and get award for my research.

Sanju comes to meet Sanjana. Chedi asks Sanju to sit and hear Mummy’s complains. Sanju asks what happened. She says she did not have sorrow for Kashmira, who is dying, she is strange, I asked her to come to temple, she said she wants to have chaat. Sanju asks why are you angry. Chedi says she does not care for Kashmira, how is she. Sanju says your choice is bad. Sanjana comes to Sanju and says I have good and bad news for you.

She says good news is not good for you. He says then give bad news. She says bad news is bad for you. He asks her to say it. She says bad news is I have shown reports to a doctor, he is surprised that Kashmira has many illnesses and she is alive, good news if he wants to do research on Kashmira, he can find some cure, it will be great for mankind. Sanju says how will I tell this to Kashmira. Sanjana says I know, but you can try, the doctor is ready to pay you 50lakhs. He says I can talk, but how, give me some time. She says yes, take your time, but Kashmira has no time.

Sanju scolds Khiloni and slaps him. He tells everything. Khiloni says tell madam that you can’t send Kashmira for research. Sanju likes the idea. He calls Sanjana and says I have thought well, I can’t send Kashmira, she wants to go happily, I don’t want to play with her emotions for 50 lakhs, sorry. She says I respect your feelings, good night.

Sanjana and Bhupesh come to meet Sanjana. Kashmira says we went for shopping, I have wasted Sanju’s money. She shows costly saree. Sanjana says its beautiful. Kashmira says I will wear this when I leave, see these red bangles and mangalsutra. Sanjana says you are amazing, I m seeing someone preparing for departure. Bhupesh says I have booked dhol and garlands for Kashmira’s departure. Sanjana asks what, how can you do this. Bhupesh says why, I have done this. Kashmira says yes, everyone will see me going, you be free that day. Sanjana hugs her and says I will be there, I need a promise, you are facing all this bravely, I m really proud, agree for research for your illnesses. Kashmira asks what.

Sanjana says you have to go, you did preparations to go. Kashmira says I m preparing to go in dance competition, I don’t have any illness. Sanjana asks what, Sanju lied to me again, I m going to kill him. Kashmira says I will do this, I will beat him, cancel the dhol.

Sanju wakes up and gets shocked seeing Kashmira lying dead and everyone crying. He asks what happened to her. Bhupesh cries and says she left us. Sanju says no, this can’t happen. Sanjana says she has left all of us. Sanju says no, I don’t believe this. Sanjana shows the reports. She says sorry, I got her tests done, doctor said she is alive for just few hours, she is gone. Sanju checks reports and cries.

Sanju says I lied about your illness, how did you go. Kashmira gets up and asks how did you lie. He says you are alive. Sanjana says I will not leave you. Bhupesh asks her to kill Sanju. Sanju slaps him. Sanjana asks him why did he do this. He says you and madan always trouble me, so I had to do this, you wanted my salary to get high, madam lessened my salary, I had to lie to madam. Sanjana says you could have explained this maturely. Chedi jokes on Sanju. Sanju asks would you increase my salary if I told you. She says I would have thought. He asks her to think now. She says I m thinking whom to appoint at your place. Sanjana and Chedi go. Sanju scolds Kashmira. She asks him to join job at uncle’s place. She calls uncle and says Sanju will come for job, what, fine take care. Bhupesh asks what happened. She says uncle’s company got sold. Sanju gets angry and says I lost my job, what will I do now. She says go and convince Sanjana. Sanju says that office is heaven for me, I can do anything to be with madam.


May I Come in Madam 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sanjana says how will we party without alcohol. Sanju says I will arrange wine. Sanjana says you will come in party if you arrange it. He says I will rain wine tomorrow.