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May I Come in Madam 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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May I Come in Madam 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju hearing Sanjana’s conversation with her friend. She says we will add a bikini ramp walk round in the party tomorrow. Sanju greets her. She asks him to finish all the work by evening. He says I m ready to help you in party arrangements. She says not required, I will manage everything. She gets a call and says what, its dry day, you have to come.

Sanjana tells Sanju about dry day, I arranged party tomorrow, how will we party without alcohol. Sanju imagines getting wine in the party. He says I will arrange everything. She asks how. He asks her not to take tension. She says you are my trouble shooter, if you arrange wine, you will come in our party. He gets glad and thanks her. She says it will be best party of your life.

Sanju goes and meets Khiloni. He praises Khiloni for getting wine. Khiloni says its cough syrup. Sanju asks him to help him in arranging wine. Khiloni says we will have cough syrup everyday. Sanju says if you get wine, I will take you to madam’s party. Khiloni asks really. Sanju says I swear. Sanjana calls him. Sanju says things are under control, I have arranged wine. She says you are such a darling. Khiloni asks why did you lie, how will you get wine, will you steal. Sanju likes the idea.

Khiloni asks what idea. Sanju says we will go and steal wine. Khiloni says we will land in jail. Its morning, Chedi says we are making a plan to have wine. Sanju asks what do you want. Chedi and Chetan say we heard you can arrange wine during dry day. Chedi asks him to arrange wine. Sanju asks did I open bar here, go and do your work. Sanjana comes there.

Sanju gives the tasks to Chetan and Chedi. Sanjana asks Sanju about the wine. He says arrangement could not happen. She asks what. He makes an excuse. She scolds him. Chedi gives him tea and jokes. Sanju argues with him. He gets an idea.

Sanju and Khiloni make desi wine themselves. Sanju praises himself. He makes plan to see the pretty girls. Sanju tastes the wine and says its great, you taste it. Khiloni says wow, what a taste. Sanju says we will make wine daily and have it, madam will get mad getting this. He imagines Sanjana and himself in Devdas scene. Some wrong powder falls in the wine bottle. He asks Khiloni to be ready to time.

Bhupesh says Sanju would be drinking somewhere. Kashmira slaps him. Mummy asks her not to get anger out of Bhupesh. Sanju says I will just come. Kashmira sees Sanju and asks where is he going. He says Khiloni. He makes a story of Khiloni’s depression. He slaps Bhupesh. Sanju says Khiloni has no colors in his life. Sanju jokes on mummy and explains what’s depression. He says I wanted to take him out and make him live his life, I can do this for him. Sanju goes. Kashmira asks mummy not to doubt on Sanju.

Kashmira gets a call and says everything is fine. Bhupesh says it was Khiloni’s wife’s call, she was asking did Sanju’s depression go. Mummy says they both went somewhere. Bhupesh says call Dadi and beat Sanju, I have to go in party. Chedi sees the girls. The girl comment on him.


May I Come in Madam 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sanjana and Khiloni see the girls dancing and dance with them.