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May I Come in Madam 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana asking Sanju for more 2 lakhs. Sanju thinks which body part to sacrifice now. Kashmira gives breakfast to mummy. Mummy asks for tea. Kashmira says Sanju went to get milk, pity on him. Mummy says he is getting all his body parts broken. Sanju meets Khiloni. Khiloni asks what’s left now. Sanju says this leg is left, break this. Khiloni says you are becoming mummy, Sanjana is giving you all bills, maybe she is giving money to her lover. Sanju says she is pure like ganga. Khiloni says no she is breaking you. Sanju asks are you breaking my leg or not. Khiloni says I m ready.

He puts the mat on ground. Sanju lies down. He asks Khiloni to get the scooter on his leg. Khiloni starts the scooter. He drives over Sanju’s leg. Sanju says its gone. Khiloni says brakes failed. He hits some man. He says sorry, brakes failed, why do you stand here. People beat up Khiloni.

Sanju and Khiloni come to insurance company. The man gives them cheque. He says you have Chudail spirit on you. Khiloni says he is calling madam as Chudail. Sanju sits in party, drinking coke. Everyone party. Chedi says you enjoy, I will keep coming, I understand your pain. Everyone dance on Desi girl…. Sanju says everyone is dancing, no one cares for me. Bhupesh says I know you are saying bad to everyone in heart, say something, I won’t feel bad, Kashmira is a successful woman, you are helpless, you can’t beat me, scold me, your hear will get peace. Sanju imagines to crush Bhupesh under his wheelchair. Bhupesh says he got mad. Sanjana says I think he wants to enjoy with us and feeling helpless, we will throw another party. Kashmira thanks Sanjana for money to open a shop. Sanju says now I understand everything. Kashmira asks how did you get money for Sanjana, you did not get money when I asked.

He says you don’t know me, stupid woman, I knew madam is going to give money to you, I did not wish to give you money directly, as wives get habitual to husband’s money, you would have felt favor of mine, so I gave you money through madam, I got my hands and legs broken, I know how I arranged money. She asks are you saying truth. He asks did I say lie ever.

He says I wish I died and you could have got compensation to make big shop. Kashmira says aw…. sorry. Sanju goes to Sanjana. She says my proposal is accepted. He says congrats, who is the guy. She says not that, I mean a deal, I got a good deal, you are my lucky charm, I will go US. He says no, who will manage here. She says fine, you stay here, I was thinking to take you with me. He says sure, I will come. She says we will go US and set up an office, then we will go Miami, its all about beaches, I will be trying new bikini every day. Sanju imagines and jumps down. She asks what are you doing, are you swimming. She asks him to keep his records clean, else he won’t get visa. He says I will see. She asks him to complete file and come. He rushes.

Kashmira asks Mummy why is she sad. Mummy says Sharma ji went to US and married a foreign girl, he died there. Kashmira says Sanju can’t go anywhere without my permission. Bhupesh says Sanju is foolish, smart people like me go to US. She slaps him. Sanju comes home and gives them sweets.

He says madam is opening new office in US, I m going next week. Kashmira asks how did you say yes without asking me, you are not going. He says are you mad, let me go, then I will settle and call you. She says tell Sanjana you won’t go, else Dadi will come. Sanju calls her strange. She goes. Bhupesh asks do you have passport, burn it, you can’t go there. Sanju beats him.

Khiloni meets Sanju in office. Sanju and Khiloni drink. Sanju says Kashmira ruined my plan, now madam will go beach alone. Khiloni says I will fulfill your dream and go with madam. Sanju scolds him. Khiloni gets an idea and says you tell Kashmira that your dad told you that your real dad is waiting for you in US. Sanju praises him.

Sanjana asks Sanju which bikini does he like. Sanju closes eyes and guesses.

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