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May I Come in Madam 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana coming to Sanju’s desk. She sees Khiloni drinking. She says how dare you feed wine to Khiloni in my office. Sanju says he was saying its cough syrup. He slaps Khiloni and scolds him. Sanjana asks Khiloni to leave. Sanju says just leave, why are you staring, run away. Khiloni leaves. Sanju says sorry, I did not know about him, I want to show my bikinis, so close your eyes. He says eyes should be wide for it, wear and come, I will give perfect opinion. She says don’t act oversmart. He closes eyes. She asks him which one does he like. He asks details. He says right one. She says I also right one, and goes. He asks is it done, shall I open eyes. He opens eyes and sees her gone.

He says I have to tell English Papa story to Kashmira and convince her. Sanju comes home. He makes a sad face. He sings yeh mahal…… Kashmira asks why are you crying. Sanju acts and says my identity is changed, everything got over, I got to know shocking truth today. She asks what happened. He says my Papa told me that I m not his child, he adopted me. She gets shocked. He says yes, he is not my real dad. Bhupesh cries and says I can understand your pain, I m like you. Sanju says I m not like you, I know my real Papa, he is American.

Kashmira asks are you saying story. Sanju lies to them. Mummy and Kashmira ask why did his dad left him. He shouts and says I have to ask him, he is taking last breath, I have to go and meet him. Bhupesh asks the name. Sanju says Piloni. He slaps Bhupesh and argues with them. Kashmira says one who raises child is great, than one who gives birth. Sanju says I have to go and meet him. She says I believe your parents are my inlaws, I won’t let you regard anyone else your dad. Bhupesh jokes. Sanju beats him.

Sanju acts and sits crying. He tells Kashmira that he is missing his dad. He calls Khiloni and says I m missing you Papa. Khiloni says I m trying to get wine. Sanju acts. Kashmira takes phone and scolds him. Khiloni ends call. She says I was thinking to send you to US for job, but now I won’t send you to meet your cheap father. Sanju thinks why did I act oversmart.

Its morning, Sanju comes office and sees Chedi. Chedi says I m going US with Sanjana. Sanju asks him to stop dreaming. Chedi says you did not confirm, so she left you and went US. Sanju asks what, how can she leave me, I m her employee, I worked hard here, I had to tell her a lot. Chedi says I will give your message to her. Sanju kisses him in his imagination. Sanjana asks Sanju to stop it. Chedi asks what are you doing, answer me. Sanju says I will explain. He tells them about his American dad. Sanjana says what a coincidence, you got to know your dad is in US, great. Sanju says Kashmira does not want me to meet him, she did not agree, talk to her once. She refuses and goes in lift.

Its night, Sanju comes home. He calls Khiloni and asks him to talk as his dad. Khiloni is drunk and asks him not to take tension. Sanju starts acting. Kashmira sees him crying. Sanju asks Kashmira to talk to her dad. Kashmira talks to Khiloni. Khiloni says you know the pain to get away from child, how will you know, you have no child. He ends call. Kashmira says he is so ill mannered, does anyone talk by drinking wine, you should not take his name. Sanju says I will go and meet my dad. He hits his head.

Kashmira calls Bhupesh and mummy. Bhupesh asks Sanju to come out with him, he will hit him. Sanju asks Bhupesh to come out and break his head. Kashmira says fine, go and meet your dad. Sanju asks really, thanks, I love you. He slaps Bhupesh. Mummy says we will also go with Sanju, Chedi is also going. Kashmira says it means Chedi and Sanjana are also going, I will see how he gets visa.

Sanjana says I m so excited that we are going to US. Sanju says I m going mad and think to fly and go. Inspector says you won’t get visa, there is domestic violence case booked against you.

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