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May I Come in Madam 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update and May I Come in Madam 27th March 2017 video watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Sanju getting sweets for Sanjana. He says Kashmira permitted me to go US. She says I can’t have sweets, I have to tone down to wear bikini. He asks her to go and wear it, he will tell her right choice. She asks him to close eyes. He wears goggles and says I m your boss now, you have to do what I say, wear bikini here right now. She asks him to stop jumping, what’s wrong, what happens to you, come on close your eyes and help me select. She asks left or right. He says right one. She keeps bikinis back. She says I m so excited, we are going US. He says I wish to fly there and go. Inspector comes and says you have to do such, you won’t get visa, domestic violence case is filed against you.

Sanjana says how could you beat Kashmira to get permission. Sanju says no, I never touched her to beat her. Inspector says Bhupesh filed FIR against you. Sanju says you dismiss this case, inspector Rampath knows me. Inspector says he went away, he told me about you. He holds Sanju and takes him. Sanju asks Sanjana to save him.

Sanju meets Khiloni at night. He cries and says Bhupesh complaint against me and my visa cancelled, I can’t go US with madam now. Khiloni asks what nonsense. Sanju slaps him angrily. Khiloni argues with him. Sanju says your bad sight caught me, I can’t love madam now. Khiloni gives idea to frame madam in fake case, then her visa will cancel and she will stay here. Sanju praises him.

Sanju comes home and sees Bhupesh. He stares at Bhupesh. Bhupesh asks will you snatch my chocolate and eat. Sanju beats him up. Bhupesh runs. Kashmira stops Sanju. Sanju tells them that Bhupesh did, now I can’t meet my dad. Bhupesh says call your dad here. Kashmira says yes, we can also meet him, give phone, I will give him invitation. Sanju thinks how to get fake dad. He says no need to take that cheap man’s name, you were saying right, I will not meet him, no one will take his name in this house. Kashmira slaps Bhupesh.

Its morning, Sanjana talks on call and says fine, I will come embassy. Inspector comes and says come to police station, there is FIR against you. Sanju looks on and asks what did you do, I would have done the crime. She says shut up, I did not do anything, who filed complaint against me. Khiloni comes as woman. He says I did it. She asks did I see you before. Khiloni says you have hit me in morning. Sanjana says I did not hit you, you ran away. Khiloni says I ran seeing mall sale, then I got to know I m hurt.

Sanjana asks can we settle this. Khiloni says I can think if you don’t call me aunty. Sanju says no need to do settlement, such women get money, we will see her in court, Aunty go. Sanju says I don’t want to lose this opportunity. Sanjana says I will give you one lakh, five lakh. Khiloni gets glad. Sanjana goes to inspector. Khiloni says but I m mentally hurt, I started getting scared to walk on road, I will not take complaint back. He goes. Inspector says sorry, you can’t go US till this case goes on. Sanju smiles.

Sanju comes home and says idea worked, madam won’t go US. Kashmira gets her shoes. Sanju says tell me my mistake before beating. Kashmira says I got this gift for you, you are going US. Sanju says Bhupesh did FIR and cancelled my visa, you are joking. She says I don’t want to regret that you could not meet your real dad, so I asked Bhupesh to take complaint back. Bhupesh says sorry. She asks him to apply for visa. Sanju thinks I got madam’s visa cancelled. He shouts are you mad. She asks what. He says you think a lot for me. Mummy says I will come along and do mujra to show my talent, I will keep an eye on Sanju. Sanju burns her passport and throws. Mummy gets angry and screams. Sanju imagines this. Kashmira asks what are you doing, are you happy now. He says yes, I can meet my dad now. She says its my duty. He says but timing is cheap.

Sanju goes and meets Khiloni. Khiloni taunts him. Sanju slaps him. He says Kashmira gave me permission to go US, Bhupesh took complaint back, you take complaint back. Khiloni says its great news, I will wear saree and come, I will take complaint back. Sanjana hears this. They see Sanjana and get shocked. She goes.

Its morning, Sanju goes office and thinks to hold her legs to apologize. She throws things at him and scolds him for the cheat. Sanju says let me explain. She throws book and it hits Chedi. She worries and holds him. She says Chedi got hurt because of you. He says you have thrown book. Chedi says I m fine, I can see you two, I came to say that american company was fraud, its good we did not go US, we would have lost money. She says thank God. Sanju says so I did this to stop you, I got company info by my dad. She asks why did you not tell me. He says I did not have proof, I believed my new dad, I did this drama to cancel your trip. She says Chedi is not able to see anything, I will apologize to you well, come. Sanju imagines and hugs Chedi. Sanjana shouts. Chedi asks what. Sanju looks on.


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