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May I Come in Madam 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update and May I Come in Madam 28th March 2017 video watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Kashmira asking Sanju to come and attend mannat puja at temple. Sanju and Bhupesh argue. He thinks if they all go, I will enjoy with Khiloni. Sanju asks them to go, he will arrange tickets. He goes for office. Mummy says I think something is wrong, how did Sanju agree at once to get bald. Kashmira says he agrees to me always, he will get bald. Bhupesh says I will dance when Sanju gets bald.

Sanjana sees her desk messed up. Chedi comes with files. He gives Lalwani’s file. She asks him to look around, is this office or zoo. He says some animals are less, think its office. She says I m serious, why this place is such a mess. She checks file and sees S loves S written. She shows him.

She asks the meaning. He explains its initials, but who is this S. Sanju comes. Sanjana says you handle accounts files, what’s this S loves S. Sanju says it means Sanju loves…. She says go on. Chedi wears goggles and turns to boss. He says you tell me, Sanju loves whom, is it Sanjana. Sanju says correct, no its not the meaning. She asks what’s the meaning. Sanju says it means Sanju loves Sanju, I love myself. Chedi says don’t lie, we love many, I mean we know what’ love, who makes files as love letter. Sanju says many people do this, did you not hear song Mai to khud se pyaar jataun…. She says you came here to work, you are not a teenager to do this. He says sorry, this won’t happen again. She says you will get punished for this, I want to write the reply with an emotion. He thinks she will write love. He imagines weird things. She asks him to become table in his work station, else he will get his termination letter. He says I will go and become table. She says good choice. He goes. Chedi asks shall I get other file. He goes.

Sanju says madam finds such kiddish punishments. He hears Sanjana and becomes table. Bhupesh asks what happened, did madam give punishment, you look good as donkey. Bhupesh says you have no table manners. He keeps files. Sanju beats him. Bhupesh calls Sanjana. Sanju sits as table. Bhupesh says I will call madam. Khiloni comes and sees Sanju. He asks why did you become donkey. Sanju beats Bhupesh and sends him out. Khiloni asks what were you doing. Sanju tells him everything. Bhupesh calls Sanjana. Sanju sits back. Khiloni says this insult of yours is too much, what does madam think of her. Sanjana comes. Sanju sees her and says madam. Khiloni says how can she punish you like a kid, we will go union and burn her statue, let her come in front of me, I will tell her. Sanjana hears him and asks what will you say. Khiloni sees her. Sanju signs I told you. Khiloni says I…

She says let me explain. Khiloni becomes table as well. She says good, don’t move boys. She goes. Sanju says if I did not have soft corner for madam in heart, I would have left this job. Khiloni says I m not her employee.

Its night, Sanju comes home. He calls Kashmira. She shows tickets. He sees his ticket and asks her. She says you are coming with us, you have to get bald. He asks are you mad, why will I give up my hair. She says I had mannat and you have to do this. He says I won’t get bald. Mummy says husbands can do anything for their wives, can’t you do this. Sanju says I won’t get bald, that’s it. Dadi comes and slaps him.

She asks what did you say, you won’t get bald. He says I did not say. She says I m not deaf, you will get bald. She beats him. He says don’t take tension, I will get bald. She goes. He worries. He thinks to do something to save his hair.

Sanju comes to Sanjana. He sees her and thinks she looks great. She says I think you want to give me good compliment, go on. He says yes, I will do shayari. She says that’s so sweet. He does shayari. She laughs. She says wow, how can you say beautiful thing in funny way, you are very talented, one more. He says give me a min. She gets a call. She asks did you like presentation, you did not get it, oh okay, sorry, I will send it to you, thanks. She goes to Sanju.

She says I told you give presentation. He says it was not ready, shayari is ready, listen. He does shayari. She adds the line and gets angry. He says sorry. She asks why do you come office, you are not working, you got habit to get punishment. He asks even today. She says yes. She punishes him and sends. He obeys her. He says she always punishes me. He gets Kashmira’s call. He says I m making jingle, tell me what is it. She asks will you wear cap after getting bald. He says I won’t get bald, explain Dadi. She says you explain Dadi. He says fine, get a cap, I want to get rid of your family. She says you will get that in next birth. Liftman comes and jokes on Sanju. Sanju asks him to leave. He thinks to do something.


May I Come in Madam 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sanjana asks Sanju about the slogan. Sanju starts acting like a hen. She gets scared and runs.

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