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May I Come in Madam 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update and May I Come in Madam 30th March 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Sanjana saying I called Sanju here with jingle ready. Sanju comes and says I made jingle ready. She says no, relax, eat some food, come, its been a long day. Chedi says Sanjana cooked food today. Sanju sees eggs and shouts as hen. Sanjana stops him. Sanju gets glad when she holds her hand and pampers him.

Bhupesh makes the eggs sleep by singing lullaby. He kisses an egg and plays with it. Kashmira comes. Bhupesh drops the egg. Kashmira gets shocked. She runs to beat him. He runs out of window. Its morning, Sanjana talks to friend and tells about human rights officer, you have any contact there, give me number, I will try to solve problem, thanks. She gets number. She calls and asks for Anjaan Sharma, is there any complaint against me, fine. Sanju hears her. She asks what, there is no one such, thanks. He thinks madam got to know everything. He runs. She says it means Sanju is Anjaan Sharma. She goes to Sanju.

Sanju acts to be on call with Khiloni and says I m not able to explain madam, the man who does work does mistakes. I stopped feeling like humans, I can’t tell madam, I respect her a lot. She hears him. He says so I did this drama, seeing her worried, I m feeling guilty, I will tell her truth, its fine if she makes me hen. He ends call and turns. He sees her and asks did you hear something. She says sorry, I heard everything. He says I should be sorry. She says I punished you. He says I should be punished.

She says no, I just want you to focus more on work. He gets camera to focus. His imagination ends. He says I was crying, I got emotional. She says calm down, get the account files copy without S loves S, get back to work. She goes. Sanju says I m smart, I played good game. Bhupesh hears him and thinks Sanju will always be mean, I will make Kashmira punish you.

Bhupesh tells everything to Kashmira. He says he did this acting and fooled us. Kashmira says I had many dreams to have chicks. Bhupesh says you have no sense. She slaps him. Mummy says don’t punish Bhupesh, punish Sanju. Kashmira says let him come. Sanju comes home and says I have come. Kashmira scolds him for acting.

She asks Bhupesh to get taxi, we will go temple and get Sanju bald. She gets pandit’s call. She says we are leaving for temple. Pandit says no need, mahurat is over. She scolds Sanju. Pandit says talk to me first, I did puja by your name, keep havan at home, do Sanju’s aarti. He ends call.

Bhupesh says Sanju got saved, what will we do now. Sanju says we will do havan. He smiles.

Next day, Sanju comes from office and is irritated. He argues with Kashmira. He shouts on everyone. Kashmira cries and says you make all rules. Sanju says yes, I will make rules, we will go out and have food, so that you feel you are wife, take me out every day. She asks really. Bhupesh says we will also come. Sanju says no, none will come with me, just Kashmira and me. She agrees.

Sanju drinks wine in room. Kashmira flirts with him. He romances. She asks what’s need to have social life, we can just romance. They hear sound. Sanju says maybe mummy made something fall. She says I will go and see. He gets angry. Mummy waits for Chedi. Chedi comes to meet her and gets gajras. She says you came late. He flirts. He fixes Gajra to her hair. Kashmira calls her out. Chedi hides. Mummy makes excuse in front of Kashmira. Kashmira goes. Mummy asks Chedi to go. Chedi runs. Kashmira comes back. She asks who was it. Mummy says no one. Kashmira asks how did you get gajra. Mummy gets shy and goes.


May I Come in Madam 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Chedi says a notice came that staff should have MBA degree, else a merit test is imp. Sanju says I will clear the test.

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