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May I Come in Madam 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Khiloni crying. Sanju asks him to forget everything. Khiloni scolds him. Sanju asks him to have drink or beat him to get peace. He tells why he did all this, it was madam’s dream to become policeman, it was a drama to fulfill her dream. Khiloni asks are you saying truth. Sanju says I just truth to you. Khiloni says you could have told me. Sanju says you are not a good actor to give natural reaction, now madam’s one game is left, did you think I was going to murder you. Khiloni says leave it.

Mummy watches a song on tv. Sanju comes and asks what’s she learning. She jokes. Kashmira comes and says I wish to have sour things. He asks her to have pickles. She says you did not understand. He asks what do you mean, you are… She says yes. He asks how. Mummy jokes. Sanju says you made me happy by giving this good news, I will get sweets and tamarind for baby. Kashmira smiles. He leaves. Kashmira asks mummy to learn cooking. Mummy says we will make Sanju cook. They dance.

Sanju dresses as a smuggler and waits for Sanjana. A man comes and gives him a suitcase. Sanjana looks on. She says who is talking to Sanju. Police comes and man runs. Inspector arrests Sanju. Sanjana says is that real police. Sanju thinks Sanjana is playing real. Sanju argues with inspector. Inspector takes Sanju’s fake moustache. Sanju jokes. Inspector says I will see your madness, come to jail, you will know everything. Sanju says fake location, junior artists, Sanjana made right environment. Inspector comes. Sanju scolds him and asks his name. Inspector gets angry and gives his introduction. Sanju asks him to get hanger to hang his coat. Inspector opens lock and gets inside.

Sanju asks him the rent of location. Inspector says this is real police station, I m real inspector. Sanju says I m SRK. Inspector asks him to answer him. Sanju argues. Inspector beats him. Sanju apologizes.

Bhupesh says I will get baby to fair. Kashmira says no need to make him like you. Mummy gets black thread for baby. Bhupesh talks silly. Mummy slaps him. Sanjana and Chedi come. Sanjana asks him not to give news this way, they can get shock. She says Sanju got jailed. Kashmira gets shocked and faints. Chedi says shock. Chedi asks mummy to faint, he will hold her.

Kashmira asks why did police arrest him. Sanjana tells everything. Chedi says none will touch Sanju, I spoke there. Sanju gets beaten up and interrogated. Chedi says Sanju is in AC lockup. Sanju is laid on ice slab. He asks inspector to stop it now. He thinks if I take madam’s name, silly inspector will make her lie on ice. He refuses to tell name. Inspector beats him.

Sanju sings sad song Humse kya bhool hui…..Kashmira and Chedi come to meet him. Kashmira gets shocked seeing his state. Sanju says they have beaten me like a dog. Chedi slaps him and scolds him. Inspector says don’t touch him, we are here. Chedi says he is my company employee, don’t come in between. He asks Sanju how did he do this mistake. Sanju says I was helping her in fulfilling her dream. Kashmira scolds him. She asks inspector not to interfere. Sanju scolds her. Inspector asks who is in your gang. Sanjana says I m in his gang, this happened because of me, arrest me. Sanju asks her to be quiet. She says if you talk, I will fire you. Sanju says I m fine, I m already arrested. Sanjana asks inspector to leave Sanju. Sanju says I m culprit, let me be here. Inspector asks them to prove in court. Kashmira asks Chedi to do something. Chedi says I will hire biggest lawyer, Sanju will come out.

May I Come in Madam 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:Sanju asks Sanjana to come and meet him in jail sometimes. She agrees. Khiloni says how will I drink without you. Sanju asks him to come along. Khiloni says no thanks.

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